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‘Shall we go com­pletely be­serk and have a glass of wine?’ said Mary to Nor­ris this week, high af­ter the dance class in which she had been ‘chan­nelling Isadora Dun­can’.

I adore Mary and on Mon­day she looks set to have her nose put out of joint when Hay­ley’s salsa part­ner is taken ill and she asks the bold Nor­ris to step into the breach. Mary is left to play chess with Roy – an ac­tiv­ity which, on the ex­cite­ment scale, is up there with a rave in a morgue.

Last week, Sean flipped over Mar­cus’s de­sire to play Mother Teresa, and Mar­cus was sick of Sean be­hav­ing like a spoilt brat. Sean does that a lot – throw­ing his hand­bags out of the pram. Af­ter spend­ing the night at Maria’s, on Mon­day Mar­cus re­turns to pick up his things and comes face to face with Sean. They rem­i­nisce about hap­pier times (it’s not a long con­ver­sa­tion) and, t hen, when Mar­cus says he is go­ing t o m a ke a clean break of things in Lon­don, it is left to Maria to per­suade him to stay.

Lloyd re­turns on Mon­day and, when he re­alises Steve has no in­ten­tion of mak­ing him co-owner, he sets up a ri­val firm.

On Wed­nes­day, Steve is stunned to dis­cover the face of Fare Ladies, but Tracy has a plan to help him and on Thurs­day goes un­der cover at the new busi­ness.

Is there re­ally room for two cab ri­val firms in Weather­field? How many fares does Street­cars man­age per month? Three, tops, I reckon. When Tracy sab­o­tages Lloyd’s cars, the result is a brawl at Amy’s sports day on Fri­day. Now, here’s a com­petit ion: how many times do you think Tracy (who has a patho­log­i­cal need to re­mind her­self of her ex’s name) will say Steve’s name dur­ing this ac­tion-packed week for the war­ring cou­ple? I’m go­ing to say 23. Any ad­vance on that?

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