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So, farewell, then, Peter. His last minute at­tempt to win Si­mon over with a burger failed. Carla ex­plained to Leanne that chil­dren can’t al­ways have what they want, cit­ing Si­mon’s car­nivorism: ‘’E also wants burg­ers ev­ery night for ’is tea’ – im­ply­ing that he can’t. Er, but be­fore he lived with Leanne, that’s all the poor kid was ever of­fered. He was a one man walk­ing McDon­ald’s.

Leanne can put it be­hind her on Mon­day, when Stella in­sists she and Eva join her for a girls’ night out, in the hope that they can bury the hatchet over Nick ( bury it in his back, if Eva has her way). Mean­while, back at the pub, Su­nita tries to se­duce Karl (right) and, be­ing Karl, he suc­cumbs. Alas, the girls arrive back early, just in time to find the adul­ter­ous pair, and Stella de­mands to know what’s go­ing on. Well, they aren’t chang­ing the op­tics, love.

Stella’s re­sponse is to throw Karl out, Dev’s is to beg Su­nita to give their love an­other go (or maybe he’s just try­ing to lure her back so that Aadi can use her skull for his golf prac­tice). With nowhere to stay, Karl heads for Su­nita’s, and on Thurs­day, when Dev finds them to­gether at the Bistro, he goes bal­lis­tic. Now what, pray, are Karl and Su­nita do­ing there, rub­bing ev­ery­one’s noses in their adul­tery? Still, it’s enough to push Dev over the edge, al­though not, alas, over Beachy Head, which is where, if there were any jus­tice in the world, he would be.

Mary is busy get­ting her claws stuck into Roy on Mon­day and in­vites him to a clas­si­cal concert. ‘Sir Ed­ward El­gar has touched parts of me no other man could reach,’ she ex­plained this week, as they shared their love of the cello concerto. Alas, for her, Roy sug­gests that Hay­ley join them. Oh, dear. You don’t get El­gar with­out there be­ing strings


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