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Many peo­ple have car­ried the Olympic torch – sports men and women, en­ter­tain­ers, in­di­vid­u­als who have con­trib­uted some­thing to their community – so why oh why did Wal­ford choose Billy for the hon­our? Failed hus­band, failed fa­ther – heck, even failed crim­i­nal, it’s hard to see how he will man­age to do any­thing with it other than burn down Al­bert Square.

Any­way, his big day ar­rives on Mon­day and Billy is bor­ing ev­ery­one sense­less with de­tails of the route he will be tak­ing. But all does not go ac­cord­ing to plan (you don’t say), and af­ter the football team lose their game, a row on the train re­sults in An­thony pulling the emer­gency but­ton. With the po­lice wait­ing for the group at the next stop, Billy must think quickly (never an easy ac­tiv­ity for him) if he is to make it to the torch re­lay ren­dezvous (left). Will he get there in time? You’ll have to wait un­til the last part of Mon­day’s episode to find out – and it’s a live in­sert, pre­sum­ably so that the episode can fea­ture footage of the torch in Lon­don in readi­ness for Fri­day’s open­ing of the Games. Or maybe just so that Billy can ruin the thing for the whole na­tion, as op­posed to just Wal­ford.

We are still no nearer to dis­cov­er­ing the iden­tity of Kat’s lover, and on Mon­day, the usual sus­pects – Derek, Jack, Max, Ray – are sit­ting on the train when one of their phones lights up with a text from her. Un­for­tu­nately, it’s at the mo­ment when the train is in a tun­nel. Now, sorry to be pedan­tic, but in all the years I’ve lived in Lon­don, the light has never gone off in the car­riage just be­cause the train en­ters a tun­nel. And even if the four­some were down a mine, the light from mo­biles these days emits a ver­i­ta­ble Olympic torch of light. Just say­ing.

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