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As if we haven’t had enough football on the tele­vi­sion, now we’re get­ting it all the time in Al­bert Square. On Mon­day, Al­fie is an­noyed when peo­ple start drop­ping out of the team, and when Ray drops out too, we are left won­der­ing whether Kat might be the rea­son for it.

She re­fuses to ad­mit dis­as­ter and de­liv­ers a mo­ti­va­tional speech that has Michael and Derek – two other sus­pects in the Who-is-Kat’s-mys­tery-lover? thriller – look­ing on in awe at her level of con­trol. Or maybe they are just won­der­ing if their fi­nances will stretch to keep­ing her glossy lips in the life­style to which they have be­come ac­cus­tomed. On Tues­day, the first of the sus­pects is elim­i­nated. Three to go.

Hav­ing im­i­tated Worzel Gum­midge, Ian has now turned his skills as an im­pres­sion­ist to some­thing more akin to Nor­man Bates on Mother’s Day. On Mon­day, when Shirley starts talk­ing about Evver, he starts breath­ing heav­ily as mem­o­ries of what Ben did to Evver re­turn. I sus­pect when mem­o­ries of the mon­ster he cre­ated in Lucy come flood­ing back, he will go into ana­phy­lac­tic shock.

Lucy is still re­fus­ing to have any­thing to do with Ian, and on Thurs­day, when Ben tries to bring them to­gether, Lucy de­nounces Ian for hav­ing aban­doned her. My real worry is if and when Ian re­mem­bers his back­log of wives. Phil is fu­ri­ous with Ben’s in­ter­fer­ence, as it is in Ben’s in­ter­est to keep Ian’s mem­ory blank. But Ben is torn, as he wants to help his brother. What’s this? An at­tack of con­science? Or just a cry for ex­tra chips at Beale’s Plaice?

Shirley has an in­ter­est­ing week ahead as she pre­pares for her char­ity ab­seil. The big event is planned for Fri­day and, to get through her fear, she in­sists on Phil lead­ing her to the roof. Is that wise? The last woman he was with on a roof was his bride Stella, and she ended up as mince­meat on the wed­ding car be­low. It’s like ask­ing King Herod to come to your son’s sec­ond birthday party. But it’s Phil who has a sur­prise in store.

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