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You can’t blame Mar­lon for hav­ing doubts about Paddy and Rhona’s move to New Zealand and on Mon­day he de­cides to put his foot down about the cou­ple tak­ing baby Leo. Un­less the boy’s al­ready show­ing the po­ten­tial to play hooker for the All Blacks (doubt­ful, given the com­bi­na­tion of Mar­lon and Rhona’s genes), the boy is bet­ter off in the Dales. What bet­ter en­vi­ron­ment could a young lad hope for, grow­ing up? Thieves, mur­der­ers, adul­ter­ers, liars, cheats – but what the heck: the scenery’s lovely.

On Tues­day, Lau­rel tells Mar­lon she will sup­port him all the way, but with Paddy and Rhona’s wed­ding on Thurs­day, how long be­fore they break the news to the soon-to-be un­happy cou­ple? The sausage rolls barely have time to set­tle on their stom­achs than Mar­lon drops his bomb­shell – he has ap­plied for a court or­der to pre­vent them tak­ing Leo away.

There is pas­sion for Alex and Moira on Fri­day, when they fi­nally give in to their de­sires. Moira tells him that it’s a one- off. I seem to re­mem­ber that’s what she told Cain, too. Give the woman some bro­mide.

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