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I’ve heard of peo­ple in the States cook­ing steaks on ashes and coals, so I tried it out with some large, raw prawns. I threw the dry, whole prawns di­rectly onto the bar­be­cue ashes and cov­ered them with coals. Four min­utes later, I picked them out with tongs, then blew and wiped off most of the ash. While they were cook­ing, I mixed fresh basil, a chopped red chilli and jarred pep­pers in a bowl with a squeeze of le­mon and a good pinch of salt and pep­per.

I chucked the hot, dirty prawns straight into the bowl and, frankly, they turned out to be the high­light of the day.

The ex­pe­ri­ence of eat­ing them was gnarly — the juices ran over our hands and the ash acted as an ex­tra sea­son­ing. With a cold beer, they were the best things ever.


Put a 1kg (2lb 4oz) crab on a hot bar­be­cue for 10 min­utes each side. A lot of the shell holds the flavour, so it’s a great re­cep­ta­cle. Ad­just the time de­pend­ing on the weight, but don’t worry too much. Worst-case sce­nario is that you start pick­ing it and it’s un­der­done and has to go back on the bar­be­cue for a minute or two. To get the meat, rip the legs and claws off with pli­ers, break them open and pick out the flesh, tak­ing care not to get bits of shell in there. Bash the body open, then pick out the meat, dis­card­ing the grey gills (aka dead man’s fin­gers) and the shell.

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