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Car­ing for oilier skin is quite the bat­tle when you’re in your teens and twen­ties. Thank­fully, when you hit your thir­ties, oil pro­duc­tion in the skin wanes to more man­age­able lev­els. There’s no end to the spot-bust­ing lo­tions for younger girls that prom­ise to de­liver clearer skin. As quick fixes, th­ese prod­ucts are fine, but they’re only part of the so­lu­tion for man­ag­ing oily skin.

Even though you wash them off, foams and mousses for oilier skin should have some deep- cleans­ing ac­tion. Cleansers for oilier skins con­tain in­gre­di­ents such as sal­i­cylic acid. Th­ese help to break down oil in the pores, re­duc­ing break-outs, with­out dry­ing out the skin. Botan­ics Shine Away Mat­ti­fy­ing Cleans­ing Mousse (Boots, €6.29) con­tains nat­u­ral sal­i­cylic acid from wil­low bark to deep cleanse. With oily skin, steer clear of lo­tions or cream cleansers. The residue left on the skin could clog pores.

At least once or twice a week. Take care not to over-ex­fo­li­ate and dis­rupt the nat­u­ral bal­ance of the skin. Vichy Purete Ther­male Detox­i­fy­ing Ex­fo­li­at­ing Cream (€14.75) helps to clean pores with­out dry­ing out the skin.

Ex­fo­li­at­ing clears dead skin and ex­cess oil – a mask will fur­ther cleanse the pores. Pixy’s Rose Cleans­ing Mud (€9.50) mar­ries two nat­u­ral muds to elim­i­nate im­pu­ri­ties.

Wear sun­screen to limit sun dam­age and slow age­ing. An oil-free sun­screen pro­vides pro­tec­tion with­out block­ing pores or re­sult­ing in in­creased shine. Clin­ique’s City Block Sheer SPF 25 is a top-notch so­lu­tion (€20.50).

What­ever your skin type, over-25s need an eye cream. Try The Body Shop’s Vi­ta­min C Eye Duo (€18.50)

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