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F ew peo­ple linger as long as Kelly Brook when get­ting out of a swim­ming pool, but then even fewer look as great in a bikini. Which is why Ms Brook’s swimwear range for New Look is now in its sev­enth sea­son, and why the pa­parazzi fol­low her ev­ery linger. At 33, Kelly still sells and — as she told us pool­side at the trendy De­lano Ho­tel in Mi­ami Beach — she is em­brac­ing both get­ting older and her cov­etable curves.

Bikini shoot or not, Kelly is a girl on a mis­sion to have fun, drink­ing rosé with lunch, or­der­ing burger and fries for din­ner and flirt­ing with Leonardo DiCaprio, who just hap­pens to be hang­ing at the same pool. Kelly spends a lot of time on our photo shoot ex­tolling the virtues of her sin­gle life, though her Instagram feed tells a dif­fer­ent story, sug­gest­ing that she may be cur­rently rekin­dling her re­la­tion­ship with rugby player Danny Cipri­ani. Her pub­li­cist re­fused to con­firm her re­la­tion­ship sta­tus but, what­ever the real story, Kelly Brook is a woman in con­trol… Over the past few years I have been very fo­cused on my re­la­tion­ships and be­ing homely, but now I am ready to get out there again. I want to be more self­ish. I think I just got a lit­tle bit stag­nant and now I feel as though I need to go to that next level and grow a bit more in all ar­eas of my life. I feel more con­fi­dent in my 30s than I ever have be­fore. Th­ese years right now are spe­cial and I must be care­ful how I utilise this time in my life. From now on I’ll no longer be held back in any way and I feel the most com­plete I’ve ever felt. And I’m sin­gle! Not hav­ing to jump into any­thing or hang out with any­one feels great. I don’t need to be around peo­ple; I’m very happy to be on my own. At times I might be fol­lowed by up to 20 pa­parazzi who will take pho­tos that will tell a story that isn’t true. I just find the whole thing weird. Here in Mi­ami I was on my own for a day last week, and I know the paps were think­ing, ‘Is she okay?’ They had head­lines in their eyes. And I was think­ing, ‘I am all right — are you all right?’ Peo­ple think there must be some­thing wrong if I’m on my own. It’s ei­ther that or, when I am with some­one, they as­sume we’re dat­ing — I can’t win. There is noth­ing sad and alone about me. I am hav­ing a great time. I do some­times worry about get­ting older and the fact that I am not go­ing to be a model for ever, but then I look at amaz­ing women like Lau­ren Hut­ton and Yas­min Le Bon. Mon­ica Bel­lucci is a big in­spi­ra­tion; she is so cur­va­ceous and fab­u­lous, she models,

she act­s­acts... she does it all! When I think about those women I in­stantly stop wor­ry­ing. Any­way, hopefully by the time I get to that point I will be mar­ried with chil­dren and I’ll be happy and I won’t care any more. The fact that He­len Mir­ren can look so great in swimwear is an amaz­ing boost for all

women. Most women can carry off a bikini; the prob­lem is they don’t think that they can and don’t have the con­fi­dence to try. As long as you’re in good shape, who can say you’re too old to wear any­thing? It’s bound to be more dif­fi­cult af­ter you have chil­dren, or if you’ve not been to the gym for a while, or even if you’ve just eaten a lot be­cause you’re on hol­i­day… I mean, we’ve all been there! But that’s when the one­piece comes into its own. If you’re in a one­piece, no one is go­ing to look at you and think, ‘God, she’s put on weight’ — in­stead

they will just think how chic you look in that very fash­ion­able swim­suit.

Bikini con­fi­dence is a state of mind. Firstly, you have to ac­cept who you are — if you’re larger on the bust, then get some sup­port rather than go­ing for a stringy bikini top. And look af­ter your­self — ex­fo­li­ate your skin, get a spray tan, treat your­self to a pedi­cure — it will help to make you feel more beach con­fi­dent. As a teenager I could never find any swimwear that fit­ted me. That’s why I came up with the con­cept for the New Look col­lec­tion. Ev­ery sea­son we stay with the 1950s theme be­cause that’s very much me; I’m never likely to have a dras­tic change in style be­cause I wear what suits me and stick to it. I’ve never had one of those amaz­ing yoga bod­ies. My body is what it is. I am sure if I went on a crash diet, lost two stone and toned up, I could make loads of money by mak­ing fit­ness videos and sell­ing my story to the


lo­ca­tion range, along id BBut I ddon’t’ want to en­cour­age women to be any­thing other than what they are. That’s very im­por­tant to me. I’m very much, ‘When in Rome… have tiramisu.’ I love a cheese­burger when I am in the US, I love a gin and tonic at night, I love a glass of wine with my lunch. I’m very much want­ing to en­joy the moment, and when I travel that means try­ing great food.

The gym is not for me. I think as soon as you have to force your­self to go to a gym and it’s like, ‘I’ve got to go and work off that Mars bar’, then you’re not in a good headspace. In­stead I do Pi­lates, I go for nice long walks and I swim. I also love to dance in my house — I will put on MTV and prance about. I truly be­lieve that beauty comes from

within. If you’re happy then not only will you look bet­ter, you’ll be a good part­ner and a good friend, too. I’m care­ful with the mes­sage I give out. I am nat­u­ral — I don’t have hair ex­ten­sions or any­thing like that. I’m not the per­son who says, ‘I’ve had 20 boob jobs,’ or ‘I have Bo­tox ev­ery two months and look at me, aren’t I great?’ I think those girls are ac­tu­ally really sad and are not very happy in them­selves. I know I’ll take a lot of abuse from Keith Lemon in my new role on Celebrity Juice [she’s do­ing ma­ter­nity cover on the ITV2 panel show for reg­u­lar team leader Fearne Cot­ton]. Keith and I are friends, but I was once a guest on Celebrity Juice and he was very mean to me — I’m an easy tar­get!

Life should be a mix­ture of ex­pe­ri­ences. I wouldn’t be happy if I was trav­el­ling all the time, but nei­ther would I be happy to al­ways be at home. I love get­ting to know dif­fer­ent cul­tures and hav­ing new ex­pe­ri­ences: hang­ing with Leonardo DiCaprio at the De­lano Ho­tel! But then I do love get­ting home and run­ning around in my track­suit bot­toms and watch­ing trashy TV and eat­ing beans on toast. I en­joy work­ing hard but I also like to party. My ex [ Danny Cipri­ani] and I have joint cus­tody of our dog Rocky. Dogs are like ba­bies in that way. I don’t get to see Rocky all the time, but walking him while stay­ing at my cot­tage — my sanc­tu­ary — in Kent is my ul­ti­mate way to re­lax. I’ll get the fire on and a roast go­ing and in­vite my fam­ily round... per­fect. The lat­est Kelly Brook for New Look swimwear col­lec­tion is avail­able in sizes 34B-36G and 6-16, and is in stores na­tion­wide and at now

Body booty-ful Above and main pic­ture: Kelly models a se­lec­tion of biki­nis from the Next range (tops are €21.99; bot­toms, €13.99). Far right: Kelly with Holly Wil­loughby and Keith Lemon on the ITV2 panel show Celebrity Juice

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