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So So, the big mo­ment ar­rives on Mo Mon­day, as the Rovers re- opens (lef (left). Will they have stocked up on any wines other than ‘white’ and ‘red ‘red’ (shock, hor­ror, any­one should eve ever ask for a Ch­ablis or Chi­anti)? Wil Will there be any beers other than ‘a pin pint’? Will the gor­geous Dr Matt star start com­ing in af­ter work – he wor works too hard; we re­ally need to see more of him. Lit­er­ally.

It It’s a tough day, as Stella makes a spee speech in front of an emo­tional Dev, who on Tues­day starts to ask Karl some awkward k ques­tions – why did they can­cel Tag­gart, DI Ross? would be mine. On Fri­day, over din­ner with Karl and Stella, Dev ex­plains that the twins still refuse to be­lieve that their mother was a crim­i­nal and that he is go­ing to push the po­lice for an­swers. Good luck. On past re­sults, don’t ex­pect to get one this side of... well, this side of your life­time.

Fi­nally con­fess­ing to Izzy on Mon­day that Gary made a pass at her, the stress proves too much for Tina on Tues­day, as she goes into labour two months early. As the baby is rushed to the spe­cial care baby unit, who does she want at her side? Tommy – whose dullness is now so pro­nounced, he will soon need help with his breath­ing, too. In­evitably, on Thurs­day, Tina starts to bond with the baby, much to Tommy’s con­cern... On Fri­day he as­sures her that she doesn’t have to go through this alone and that he loves her. Er, that would be the same Tommy who told her that if she went ahead with the preg­nancy, she would have to do it on her own, then?

There is com­edy afoot on Wed­nes­day, when Sally joins an on­line dat­ing agency. But is she hav­ing sec­ond thoughts on Thurs­day, when she re­ceives a text ask­ing her for a drink? My money’s on it be­ing from Nor­ris.

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