Bare es­sen­tials for a BUFF BODY WITH NO FUSS!

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If our Ir­ish sum­mer con­tin­ues to deal us an un­pre­dictable hand — great weather for two days fol­lowed by an­other few that are grey and damp — we need to be ready for any sunny op­por­tu­ni­ties prac­ti­cally overnight if we want to make use of our warm-weather wardrobes. Be pre­pared!

Make sure your skin is ready to show the world: keep it buffed and beau­ti­ful all through sum­mer by scrub­bing up. At least once, but no more than three times weekly, in­cor­po­rate body-brush­ing or an ex­fo­li­at­ing body wash into your rou­tine. It makes sense: smoother skin feels softer, looks health­ier and takes self-tan evenly.

If you do in­tend to fake a tan through sum­mer, here’s a rea­son to keep aware of to­mor­row’s fore­cast. Wax­ing, shav­ing and ex­fo­li­at­ing can all re­move tan and are best per­formed be­fore­hand. If you have sen­si­tive skin, leave a cou­ple of hours be­tween hair re­moval/ex­fo­li­at­ing and tanning to avoid red­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion.

If you know the next day is go­ing to be fine, carry out any hair-re­moval meth­ods early in the af­ter­noon or evening and ap­ply the tan later. For longer-last­ing hair-free limbs, use at-home wax strips. Veet’s EasyGrip Wax Strips cap­ture hair at as lit­tle as 1.5mm and are sim­ple to use on legs, un­der­arms, arms and bikini line. Mini strips are also avail­able for the face — there are three va­ri­eties de­signed for sen­si­tive, nor­mal or dry skin so be sure to choose the right type for your skin (€7.99 per 20-strip pack).

The oc­ca­sional pim­ple on the chest or back can be treated eas­ily with a dot of spot cream or cov­ered with a con­cealer with blem­ish-clear­ing abil­i­ties. Vichy’s Nor­ma­derm Hyalus­pot (€10) is a su­per zit-zap­per for both sexes. If you have reg­u­lar break­outs, switch your reg­u­lar body wash for one con­tain­ing sal­i­cylic acid.

Last but not least, keep your feet san­dal-ready. Ban­ish hard skin by buff­ing and mois­tur­is­ing reg­u­larly. If your feet need ex­treme treat­ment, try Scholl’s Ex­press Pedi (€49.99). Paint your toe­nails for that fin­ish­ing touch. Toe­nails grow three times more slowly than fin­ger­nails so you only need to do this oc­ca­sion­ally. Choose bright shades, keep­ing in mind the colours in your san­dal col­lec­tion. Overnight beauty for those sunny days to come — easy peasy!

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