How to pre­pare ar­ti­chokes

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1 Fill a large bowl or deep pot with cold wa­ter, squeeze in the juice of two lemons, and then throw in the squeezed-out lemon skins. 2 With a sharp knife, trim the ar­ti­choke’s stalk to ap­prox­i­mately 2.5cm (1in) be­low the base. Then dis­card the stalk. 3 Hold the ar­ti­choke up­right and use a par­ing knife or your fin­gers to pull the leaves back, so they break off, leav­ing as much of the

base of the leaf at­tached to the ar­ti­choke as pos­si­ble. Dis­card the leaves. Carry on un­til you reach the paler, thin­ner leaves. 4 Cut the ar­ti­choke in half hor­i­zon­tally across the bulb. Peel the base and stalk, then drop into the lemon wa­ter to stop it dis­colour­ing. 5 With your fin­gers, open out the bulb of the ar­ti­choke like a flower. If the cen­tre (choke) has furry hairs on it, care­fully scoop out and dis­card. 6 Pop the ar­ti­choke ke back in the lemon wa­terr to keep its colour our as you pre­pare are the rest of your our in­gre­di­ents, then use the ar­ti­chokes in your recipe.

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