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Ever heard that you should keep your beauty buys in the fridge to make them last longer and won­dered if that were true? Well, there is some logic to it: heat does play a part in break­ing down for­mu­la­tions and al­ter­ing their com­po­si­tion be­cause most beauty prod­ucts con­tain oils, and higher tem­per­a­tures can shorten the life­span of a scent, foun­da­tion or moisturiser. Fac­tor in di­rect sun­light and the process speeds up. So if your beauty must-haves cur­rently bask in heat and light on a win­dowsill, re­move them im­me­di­ately! If you are clever and your stash is in a dark, cool cup­board, then it’s safe enough. But what, if any, items should we be chill­ing?

There are some ben­e­fits to re­frig­er­at­ing cer­tain cos­met­ics, but with our tem­per­ate cli­mate this is only re­ally use­ful while on hol­i­day abroad. For ex­am­ple, cold tem­per­a­tures make nail var­nish thin­ner so it’s eas­ier to ap­ply and dries quicker: this is es­pe­cially valu­able abroad when no amount of wait­ing around helps avoid smudges.

Like­wise, keep­ing your moisturiser chilled can help to cool your skin and re­duce red­ness in­stantly on a hot day. Be care­ful, though: mois­turis­ers are a blend of oil and wa­ter so accidentally al­low­ing them to freeze will cause the cream to sep­a­rate and be­come use­less. Make sure that your fridge isn’t on the very cold­est set­ting first!

Women suf­fer­ing hot flushes and de­hy­drated skin will en­joy the cool­ing ef­fect and mois­tur­is­ing ben­e­fits of spritz­ing cool ther­mal wa­ter on their face, neck and chest when­ever an over­heat­ing flash oc­curs. Ther­mal wa­ter is prized for its nour­ish­ing and heal­ing min­eral con­tent; to pro­tect the pu­rity and com­pounds in the wa­ter, it is usu­ally pack­aged at source from the spring it­self — me­tal con­tain­ers be­ing the pre­ferred pack­ag­ing to keep the wa­ter cool and away from light.

Chill­ing the wa­ter sim­ply adds a skin-calm­ing fac­tor while you re­place lost mois­ture from the up­per lay­ers of skin, which the min­er­als help soothe and re­pair. Reg­u­lar tap wa­ter con­tains im­pu­ri­ties so spritz­ing the skin with this can ac­tu­ally be de­hy­drat­ing. Spray ther­mal wa­ter when­ever needed, on bare skin or over make-up. La RochePosay, Vichy, Evian, Uriage and Avène are all ther­mal wa­ter brands and are avail­able from chemists na­tion­wide.

Even us­ing the best sun pro­tec­tion, you may ex­pe­ri­ence some red­den­ing of the skin, and with it dry­ness, so after­sun is an­other item to con­sider chill­ing. Whether you have a cos­metic one or have picked up a more nat­u­ral aloe vera gel, it is nicer to use when lightly cooled to help take down any heat in the skin. Just re­mem­ber, keep your chilled-out cos­met­ics to the front of the fridge, where the tem­per­a­ture is mildest. If a prod­uct con­tains scent, put it in a sealed con­tainer. Your beloved bot­tle of Chanel No. 5 will be safe enough but it’s not a flavour that works well with Ched­dar! Merumaya’s founder, Maleka Dattu, spent three decades work­ing at some of the world’s lead­ing cos­metic com­pa­nies and has launched her own anti-age­ing sk­in­care line. This serum is the hero prod­uct and con­tains 10 po­tent ac­tive in­gre­di­ents for ra­di­ant, more youth­ful skin.

In just 17 months this pow­er­ful serum from Clarins has be­come the brand’s top-sell­ing prod­uct, with 15,000 units sold in Ire­land (that’s 140 per day!). De­signed for women aged 25-plus, Dou­ble Serum con­tains 20 plant ex­tracts, housed in sep­a­rate oil and wa­ter bar­rels. Th­ese mix when the serum is pumped and the con­cen­trate gets to work on the skin, re­plen­ish­ing mois­ture, bal­ance, youth­ful­ness and lu­mi­nos­ity. The na­tion­wide de­liv­ery ser­vice now of­fered by M&S means you can get ex­clu­sive brands, of­ten dis­counted, de­liv­ered to your door or lo­cal store. And this nail brand is one to covet. Leighton’s Mir­a­cle Drops speeds up dry­ing time over any pol­ish colour and adds a high-shine fin­ish.



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