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Ev­ery­thing you learnt at school ... but can you re­mem­ber?

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1 In the sphere of po­etry, what is a molos­sus? a) A work of more than 100 verses b) A mytho­log­i­cal winged crea­ture c) A type of el­egy d) A rhyth­mic group of syl­la­bles

2 If one an­gle of a tri­an­gle is a right-an­gle, what is the sum of the other two an­gles?

a) 45° b) 90° c) 180° d) 270°

3 What is the name for the low­est point in a ridge be­tween two moun­tain tops? a) Col b) Drum­lin c) Cor­rie d) Bivouac

4 Who was both the brother and hus­band of the an­cient Egyp­tian god­dess Isis? a) Seth b) Thoth c) Anu­bis d) Osiris

5 Which of the fol­low­ing was not the co­de­name for a beach used in the D-Day land­ings? a) Omaha b) Utah c) Gold d) Arkansas

6 Who wrote the clas­sic chil­dren’s book What Katy Did? a) Frances Hodg­son Bur­nett b) Su­san Coolidge c) Lewis Car­roll d) Louisa May Al­cott

7 Which type of chem­i­cal reaction in­volves the loss of elec­trons? a) Ox­i­da­tion b) En­dother­mic reaction c) Neu­tral­i­sa­tion d) Re­duc­tion

8 What is an­other name for vi­ta­min B2? a) Ascor­bic acid b) Thi­amine c) Ri­boflavin d) Niacin

9 Which of the fol­low­ing is not a pa­tron saint of Ire­land? a) Pa­trick b) Columba c) Bar­bara d) Brigid

10 Who was the Re­nais­sance painter Pi­etro Perug­ino’s most fa­mous pupil? a) Michelangelo b) Donatello c) Leonardo Da Vinci d) Raphael

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