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This is a par­tic­u­larly good breakfast, brunch or lunch. I sup­pose it’s not tech­ni­cally a tra­di­tional square meal as we of­ten see it, but it’s fulfilling, a lovely con­trast of tex­tures and flavours, and a to­tal plea­sure to eat. Roast­ing the spuds and car­rots to create the giant rösti re­ally brings out their sweet­ness, and builds up a nice crunchy edge.

Serves 4

351 calo­ries per serv­ing

To­tal time: 55 min­utes

600g (1lb 5oz) pota­toes

3 large car­rots

½tsp Di­jon mus­tard

½ a lemon

Ex­tra vir­gin olive oil

Olive oil

100g (3½oz) frozen peas

100g (3½oz) baby spinach

4 large free-range eggs

50g (1¾oz) feta cheese

Pre­heat the oven to 180°C/ gas 4. Peel the pota­toes and car­rots, then coarsely grate them in a food pro­ces­sor or by hand on a box grater. Add a good pinch of salt, toss and scrunch it all to­gether, then leave for 5 min­utes.

Mean­while, mix the mus­tard, a good squeeze of lemon juice, and a cou­ple of lugs of ex­tra vir­gin olive oil with a lit­tle pinch of salt and pep­per in a medium bowl and put aside.

Driz­zle a re­ally good lug of olive oil into a large bowl and add a good pinch of pep­per. Hand­ful by hand­ful, squeeze the potato and car­rot mix­ture to get rid of the ex­cess salty liq­uid, then sprin­kle into the bowl.

Toss in the oil and pep­per un­til well mixed, then evenly scat­ter it over a large oiled bak­ing tray (roughly 30cm x 40cm/12in x 16in). Roast for around 35 min­utes, or un­til golden on top and su­per­crispy around the edges.

Mean­while, blanch the peas for a minute in a large pan of boil­ing, salted wa­ter, then scoop them out, add to the bowl of dress­ing and pile the spinach on top.

Just be­fore your rösti is ready, with the wa­ter gen­tly sim­mer­ing, crack in the eggs, poach them to your lik­ing, then care­fully re­move with a slot­ted spoon.

Serve the rösti with the eggs on top. Quickly toss the spinach and peas to dress them and scat­ter in piles on the rösti, then crum­ble over the feta and serve. I like to whack it in the mid­dle of the ta­ble and let ev­ery­one dig in.

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