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all of two min­utes, when the pair re­alise they will never get over their past to­gether and they should go their sep­a­rate ways. And so, Jack is fi­nally go­ing to be leav­ing Wal­ford. It’s a ma­jor totty ex­o­dus, but at least David is back on the scene to help fill the gap.

Why does he think that Carol is the only woman on the block, though? On Mon­day, when Bianca says she will be away a few more weeks, Carol asks David to leave, while want­ing him to stay. It’s clear that Carol still loves him and he has no in­ten­tion of go­ing any­where. On Tues­day, he winds ev­ery­one up, es­pe­cially Ian, when he plays on his in­se­cu­ri­ties about women. By the way, what was all that green­ery in the café’s kitchen? I’ve never seen so much as a let­tuce leaf on a plate out front, yet there was enough chloro­phyll back there to keep the folk of Water­ship Down happy for a decade.

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