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way ( joke). In th­ese times of get-rich- or- diedy­ing, hard- core mar­ket­ing, it’s re­ally not sur­pris­ing to see sis­ters tak­ing the ex­treme raunchy route — Bey­oncé (32), Ri­hanna (25), Mi­ley (20), Katy Perry (28), Lady Gaga (27), and who­ever, you know your­self… I can’t keep up with all th­ese in-their-prime and buffed-to-per­fec­tion women will­ing to twerk, tweek and booty-funky­doo-dee (what­ever the ‘new’ moves are called), in near-nudie G-strings and mini-bras. And even, ut­terly nude, as in the case of Cyrus.

Ah Mi­ley, and her ‘ in­fa­mous’ twerk­ing ap­pear­ance on the MTV video awards, wear­ing

Madonna rode the Brit­ney up-trend by as­so­ci­a­tion, while Sinéad has rid­den the Mi­ley trend by


noth­ing but flesh- coloured leatherette bra and panties, sim­u­lat­ing sex with a singer called Thicke (38), (the name is Thicke, Robin Thicke). And her even more ‘in­fa­mous’ video of the song ‘Wreck­ing Ball’, in which she orally stim­u­lates a lump ham­mer (watch it on the YouTube if this sounds bonkers!) and swings about strad­dling a wreck­ing ball, to­tally nude. The video was di­rected by con­tro­ver­sial fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher Terry Richard­son (48) who has been sub­ject to mul­ti­ple ac­cu­sa­tions of ex­ploita­tion of very young mod­els.

But is Mi­ley one such vic­tim of his fash­ion-nudieoeu­vre? Sinéad O’Con­nor (47) fa­mously thinks so. Don’t be pimp­ing your­self, she told Mi­ley, in the first of her mul­ti­ple open let­ters. Fel­las in the in­dus­try are mak­ing more money out of your naked­ness than you ever will, you’re un­know­ingly ex­ploit­ing your lady-soul by ex­pos­ing your body etc etc. And then Mi­ley more or less said, ‘shut it ...’ and then men­tal health is­sues came into it and blah de blah, back and forth…

I couldn’t help think­ing of the ‘in­ci­dent’ ten years ago, on the same MTV video awards show, when Madonna (then 45) snogged Brit­ney (then 22), lit­er­ally at­tach­ing her­self to the bur­geon­ing Brit­ney brand. You could say Madonna rode the Brit­ney up-trend by as­so­ci­a­tion, while Sinéad has rid­den the Mi­ley trend by dis­ap­pro­ba­tion.

So then there’s Sinéad with the star­tling B and Q tat­tooed on her face on The Late Late, with Ryan un­com­fort­able as ever, ques­tion­ing, and, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help see­ing a patina of self-pro­mo­tion in the whole thing. ‘Sinéad, did you never hear of the post?’ he didn’t ask. ‘It al­lows you send let­ters in pri­vate.’

Un­like Sinéad, I don’t get an achy breaky heart for Mi­ley her­self when I see her rid­ing a wreck­ing ball in the nip. She’s been at the cen­tre of show biz since she was a zy­gote, her fa­ther is him­self a su­per-duper star. I fig­ure she’s savvy, mega me­dia-tough and pro­tected to the hilt in all of this cyn­i­cal nudie busi­ness.

In the midst of the PR shenani­gans gen­er­ated, I get an achy breaky heart for all the girls for whom the Mi­leys of this world are role mod­els: girls who don’t de­serve the dys­func­tion of the Mi­ley im­age of young wom­an­hood. Like us sug­gestible Nualas, even. As we tweeted this week, Nuala tried to copy Mi­ley in a video, she’s ended up in A&E with 14 stitches in her tongue – she licked a saw. #SineadO’Con­nor was right.

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