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Sti Sticky buns, le­mon driz­zles... you tur turn your back for two weeks and sud sud­denly there’s a de­mand for some­thi thing other than cus­tard slices at Ro Roy’s Rolls. Oh, – and a corpse, to bo boot. Fair play to the make- up dep depart­ment re­gard­ing the lat­ter: they did a great job of colour­ing up (or down, de­pend­ing on your view­poi point) Hay­ley, both be­fore and af­ter she took her fatal dose.

O On Mon­day, Fiz sus­pects that there is m more to Roy’s grief than meets the eye, and when she con­fesses her fears to Carla, C she re­alises that she is on to some­thing. some­thin I can fore­see a big court case com­ing up, in which Roy will be ac­cused of aid­ing a sui­cide, and David Neil­son, who plays him, will de­liver per­for­mances that con­firm he is a first-class ac­tor. When Fiz dis­cov­ers that Hay­ley took her own life (al­though not, alas, her anorak) she is fu­ri­ous and con­demns Roy and Anna for ly­ing. At Fri­day’s fu­neral, how­ever, she gets it to­gether to share her mem­o­ries. What’s with the card­board cof­fin though, eh (left)? Could the producers’ bud­get not have stretched to a bit of wood? Heck, they have enough deaths in Weather­field; it’s not as if the body box wouldn’t be used again.

The big ques­tion, how­ever, is whether Roy will turn up, as he ap­pears to be boy­cotting the whole event. At Carla’s or­ders, he shows, but when he doesn’t ar­rive at the wake, Anna and Fiz call at the café, where Roy has left them a note. Trust me – it’s not to re­mind them to or­der more le­mon driz­zles.

There are hap­pier times ahead for So­phie on Fri­day (no, she has not been ex­ca­vated from un­der that hideous woollen beret) when she is left reel­ing af­ter Mad­die’s kiss. Some peo­ple will do any­thing for a free hat.

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