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JACI STEPHEN’S ul­ti­mate in­sight into the week’s soaps

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Soa­p­land’s abil­ity to come up with ever more in­ge­nious ways to show men with their kit off never ceases to amaze. Emer­gence from the shower with a wet chest and a towel wrapped around the waist is the most pop­u­lar, and sports venues pro­vide the op­por­tu­nity to show half- dressed blokes sweat­ing in tight, cling­ing T-shirts. That can be the only rea­son why Corona­tion Street has now gone the way of EastEn­ders and pro­vided us with a gym, al­beit one that has no more than three mem­bers.

Em­merdale has gone a whole new route, and this week Ber­nice es­tab­lished her spa, an­other ven­ture that’s just a thinly dis­guised ex­cuse to treat view­ers to ex­posed male flesh. Her first guinea pig was Andy who, when he took his top off, re­vealed a fit torso that could ri­val that of any boxer. Wow! I tell you, that kid has come a long way since his ar­rival in 1996.

With Michael dead in EastEn­ders, there has been a great deal less ac­tion at the box­ing club, so where next in Wal­ford’s never-end­ing quest to bring us more naked men? I’m slightly ner­vous of the new fu­neral home. Are naked corpses go­ing to be e the way for­ward?

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