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What was the big deal about Lucy sleep­ing with Max? He wasn’t in a re­la­tion­ship p a and, as Carol rightly said from un­der der h her dirty-tea-cosy chemo cap, Lucy cy wasn’t a child. Phil’s at­tack on Max ax was also laugh­able – ‘You ain’t one ne of us any more,’ he fumed. Hmmm. m. Bald, adul­terer, liar, cheat – Max is so ‘one of us’ he and Phil could well ell b be Si­amese twins.

The aftermath of Lucy’s death th continues, when Tamwar pon­ders rs the ‘Rot in hell’ card. Hav­ing rec­cog­nised the hand­writ­ing (Re­ally? It looked like some­thing from a 60s 0s J John Bull print­ing set to me), he e c con­fronts the cul­prit. But when n Tamwar throws the card away, he e doesn’t bar­gain on some­one find­ding it. Re­ally, Tamwar? I mean... . R Re­ally?

It’s David and Carol’s wed­ding g day (left), but will it all go ac­cord- ing to plan (duh!)? When there’s s no sign of David, can we as­sume e he’s done a run­ner from Carol’s head­scarf and/or 70s wig (come e on – wouldn’t any­one?), or is there e a more sin­is­ter rea­son for his ab­sence? All is re­vealed later. At least the very hand­some Deano is back, pyg play­ing the dot­ing gg grand­son to Stan.

Un­be­known to her hus­band Al­fie Moon (above), Kat has slept with gang­ster Andy Hunter to can­cel out Al­fie’s debt to the vil­lain. But Andy has filmed their tryst – and leaves Al­fie distraught when he hands him a tape of the cou­ple in bed.

Wed­ding joy will in­evitably lead to heartache as me­chanic Roy Glover mar­ries Kelly Wind­sor. Walk­ing her up the aisle is step­brother Scott (above right, with Kelly and Roy) – who she’s been sleep­ing with be­hind Roy’s back!

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