She’s gor­geous, gre­gar­i­ous and glam­orous with a great ca­reer, so why is ev­ery­one, apart from Amanda Byram, ob­sessed with her love life? In­ter­view by

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The model and TV pre­sen­ter gets the last laugh with the tri­als and tribu­la­tions of the dat­ing scene

A manda Byram is proof that while good looks will get you so far, it’s hard work, grit and de­ter­mi­na­tion that de­fine and sus­tain a ca­reer. With her re­fresh­ing, care­free and gen­uinely down-to-earth at­ti­tude, it’s easy to see why Amanda con­tin­u­ously lands cov­etable pre­sent­ing roles.

Her work hard ap­proach cou­pled with, let’s face it, stun­ning good looks have seen her make the tran­si­tion from break­fast tele­vi­sion to prime time shows ap­pear ef­fort­less. And she has ex­e­cuted her me­te­oric rise with­out even a sniff of show­biz airs and graces.

Her lat­est se­ries, RV Ram­page, has just fin­ished on The Travel Chan­nel and looks set to be aired again. So all is good on the ca­reer front but what of her per­sonal life?

Hav­ing can­celled her wed­ding to rugby player Craig McMullen in 2012, Amanda said at the time she was ‘gut­ted’. Two years on, still sin­gle and turn­ing 41 this week, the for­mer model from Castle­knock in Dublin could be for­given for feel­ing put out. On the con­trary, she adopts an at­ti­tude that is not only re­fresh­ing but in­fec­tious – she will not set­tle for just any­one.

‘Why is it al­ways find­ing “the one”? I’ve come to a con­tent stage in my life and I’m per­fectly happy to be alone. If some­one comes along, then great. But some­times people can get so des­per­ate that they take just any­one,’ she says.

She must be sick of the ques­tion posed not just by jour­nal­ists but fam­ily and friends, too, ‘have you found a boyfriend’?

‘No,’ she says with a laugh. ‘To be hon­est, my love life is a source of en­ter­tain­ment to ev­ery­one. I don’t think people want me to get one [a boyfriend] now as they would miss my bad date sto­ries.’

Ex­pect­ing a flat re­fusal, I en­quire as to the na­ture of those sto­ries and, true to her re­laxed na­ture, she has no qualms about di­vulging the de­tails.

‘I was liv­ing in Aus­tralia and I agreed to go on a blind date. I wasn’t at­tracted to him in the be­gin­ning but I stuck out the date. Then we bumped into two girls from Dublin who asked me for a pic­ture. So he was all like, “Are you fa­mous?”

‘I told him I did a bit of work on the telly and that Dublin was small so people do recog­nise you. But it was no big deal.’

Ob­vi­ously im­pressed by Amanda’s celebrity sta­tus her date de­cided to share the news with his work col­leagues.

‘He said to me, “A guy I work with is from Dublin,” then pro­ceeded to take out his phone, stick it in my face, take pic­tures and send them to his friend say­ing, “She’s my date”. So that was the end of that.’

Warm­ing to her theme, Amanda regales with an­other story that con­firms her luck with men in Aus­tralia didn’t change.

‘An­other guy I went on a date with got

For­mer model Amanda’s gym-toned physique has at­tracted thou­sands of fol­low­ers to her Twit­ter fit­ness page

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