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You’d think that upon be­ing re­leased, pend­ing her ap­peal, Stacey wouldn’t choose to re­turn to some­where even worse than the prison she’s just left. But re­turn to Wal­ford she does, where Lily up­sets her by ask­ing about her dad, whom she’s heard about from Whit­ney. Af­ter throw­ing Whit­ney out of the house, Stacey apol­o­gises and as­sures the girl she’ll always be a part of Lily’s life. Trust me, that’s not good news.

The sur­prise party thrown in hon­our of Stacey’s re­lease is marred by her dis­cov­ery that Kat and Al­fie are about to be evicted. Kat re­mains obliv­i­ous to their money trou­bles as the pair try to de­cide what to call the twins. Any bets? Given what their fu­tures will in­evitably be grow­ing up in Al­bert Square, I’d go with Loser One and Loser Two, just to be on the safe side.

Al­fie’s at­tempts to raise money come to noth­ing, and he con­tin­ues to lie to Kat (left), be­fore over­hear­ing a pos­si­ble so­lu­tion at Mick’s bar­be­cue (sell­ing the ba­bies, per­haps? At the very least, maybe a mod­el­ling job for them? Or he could sell his col­lec­tion of 70s shirts on eBay?).

Bianca is up­set when she over­hears that Terry’s mov­ing to Mil­ton Keynes (to be hon­est, that would up­set me, too). But will all be well when the pair kiss? Will that be enough to en­tice Bianca to move there (I’d set­tle for noth­ing less than a Lear­jet as a bribe). Carol gets an up­date about her can­cer, and later an­nounces the re­sults of Char­lie Char­lie’s s DNA test. Just an av­er­age week...

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