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Ni­amh tries to play Paul at his own game, but she’s in for a shock when she tries to re­con­nect with Rachel later in the week. Paul does his best to move on from Ni­amh but it doesn’t work out as he had planned; Ni­amh and Michael’s new­found love is tested when Paul be­gins to use un­der­hand tac­tics.

Ni­amh asks Rachel (be­low with Michael) to pick up Ruth from the crèche to which she agrees. How­ever, when Rachel sees Michael and Ni­amh to­gether later, she de­cides to let Ni­amh down and makes plans with Katy in­stead, telling Paul that Ni­amh never asked her to go to the crèche. Ni­amh only re­alises Rachel has let her down when Paul con­fronts Ni­amh about not pick­ing up Ruth.

Over in Phe­lan’s, Max re­alises Far­rah’s not be­ing hon­est with him. Far­rah’s start­ing to feel un­der­mined by her mother’s pres­ence. She puts her foot down with Re­nee, but does she re­ally mean it?

Ju­dith de­cides to take her re­la­tion­ship with Bob to the next level and puts pres­sure on Bob to at­tend a lec­ture on re­la­tion­ships. This can only go one way – the evening does not end as planned...

Damien and Pete en­counter work mis­un­der­stand­ing over Max – par­tic­u­larly when the top­i­cal is­sue of ghost es­tates raises its ghoul­ish head.



NCGTIHTE Re­mem­ber th­ese plots that had us hooked?

Martin Fowler pan­ics after wak­ing up in bed with bar­maid Sarah Cairns, who then starts stalk­ing him. Sarah even be­friends Martin’s obliv­i­ous wife Sonia, and pro­ceeds to do ev­ery­thing she can to try and split them up.

Gail and Martin Platt’s mar­riage hits trou­ble when Gail, who doesn’t want any more chil­dren, de­mands Martin gets a va­sec­tomy after she has a preg­nancy scare. Gail’s anger at his re­fusal pushes him to be­come close to an at­trac­tive col­league.

Hav­ing been left in a wheel­chair by the plane crash, Chris Tate is taught to swim by friendly Rachel Hughes (above, with Chris). De­spite the fact that he’s mar­ried, the pair be­gin an af­fair – and then Chris’s wife Kathy catches them kiss­ing.

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