Fa­cial work­outs Slow­ing the age­ing process

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We spend so much of our 20s and 30s look­ing for so­lu­tions to deal with de­vel­op­ing lines and wrin­kles that the next cy­cle of age­ing catches most women by sur­prise. Skin sag­ging re­ally only be­comes an is­sue in the mid-to-late 40s and beyond. Yes, wrin­kles will still be a bug­bear, but when the face looks less than firm and the jaw line starts to soften, most women are at a loss as to what to do.

What is hap­pen­ing is a nat­u­ral age­ing process, but you can do some­thing to slow its pro­gres­sion and get firm­ness back into the skin.

How we do this is by stim­u­lat­ing the fa­cial mus­cles that lie un­der the skin. Much in the same way that the body needs ex­er­cise to keep it firm and trim, the face, if ex­er­cised cor­rectly, can be­come lifted, re­freshed and firmer look­ing.

Used for decades in medicine, elec­tric mus­cle stim­u­la­tion, or EMS, re­stores dam­aged mus­cles or nerves. It works by send­ing elec­tri­cal im­pulses to the nerve end­ings un­der the skin, caus­ing them to con­tract and work the sur­round­ing mus­cle. With re­peated treat­ment the mus­cles be­come firmer and more lifted, which is why ap­ply­ing EMS to the face can, over time, give a su­perb lifting ef­fect that no ex­pen­sive face cream could ever com­pete with.

With EMS the face, in­clud­ing the jaw line and chin, be­comes more de­fined. Im­proved blood flow and in­creased lymph drainage from the face will make the skin more ra­di­ant and re­duce puffi­ness.

How quickly can we achieve th­ese re­sults? In a mat­ter of weeks if you stick to the nec­es­sary treat­ments, which is usu­ally 15-20 min­utes a day, five ses­sions a week for 12 weeks. After that ini­tial process the face should look firmer. From this point on, you en­ter a main­te­nance pro­gramme which is less time con­sum­ing – two or three 20-minute ses­sions a week will keep the re­sults go­ing.

EMS ther­a­pies are avail­able na­tion­wide in sa­lons and spas, prices will vary so shop around be­fore book­ing. If you pre­fer to use EMS at home, it is the less ex­pen­sive route, and prob­a­bly bet­ter for time con­straints. The Slen­der­tone Face (€ 300, or € 200 un­til Nov 30, www.slen­der­tone.com with free de­liv­ery) or the Tua Tre’nd by Tina Richards, € 265 plus ap­prox. €12.70 de­liv­ery, www.tinarichards.com, are the best op­tions, and suit­able for men and women.

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