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Those Carters know how to throw a party. Nancy’s do ended with Linda thump­ing Dex­ter, and Aunt Babe chooses Lee’s bi r th­day to tel l ev­ery­one Stan’s dy­ing. Lee’s sec­ond at­tempt at a cel­e­bra­tion is just as bad – he ends up in a brawl with Ben (right) that Nancy gets caught in the mid­dle of.

Stacey’s con­tin­u­ing the fine Slater tra­di­tion of let­ting any Tom, Dick or Harry take care of her child by al­low­ing Dean to get Lily ready for school. Her cousin Kat likes to dump the twins on which­ever mar­ket trader will have them and, after see­ing how good Dean is with her daugh­ter, Stacey de­cides they should be­come an item. Not sure what’s in it for Dean but it means free hair­cuts and babysit­ting for Stacey, so what’s not to like?

Mick learns that Aunt Babe knows where Shirley is and he heads off to the car­a­van park where she’s hid­ing out. After track­ing her down, Mick im­parts the cheery news s that Phi l is s alive, Stan is s dy­ing and his s mar r iage to o Linda is fal­lling apart. It’s ’s still not enoughgh to tempt her er back, and d Shirley in­sists ts ever yone is bet­ter off with-ith out her her. She’s got a point point.

On the other hand there’s ev­ery chance she just didn’t un­der­stand a word Mick said – his cock­ney rhyming slang seems to have taken on a life of its own lately – I’m sure even Chas and Dave would strug­gle to de­ci­pher half of it.

Later, Mick’s world comes crash­ing down when the truth about a dark fam­ily se­cret is re­vealed. But which one? So many peo­ple are hid­ing things from him, you can take your pick.


Stacey Slater gets re­venge on Spencer Moon, who charmed her into bed on their first date (above) by mak­ing out he was rich. Stacey pre­tends she’s un­der­age and black­mails Spencer, who coughs up but is fu­ri­ous when conned hefind­southe’sbeenTHINK OF THE CHIL­DREN... .

After giv­ing The Kabin to Sharon Gaskell as a birth­day gift, Rita Sul­li­van (above, with Sharon) is up­set when her foster daugh­ter says she’ll marry cheat­ing Ian Bent­ley and sell the shop. Rita then buys back her business and cuts Sharon out of her will.

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