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Will Mary suc­ceed where oth­ers have failed and man­age to con­vince Bethany that Nathan is a bad ’un? Af­ter beg­ging her not to run away (pic­tured), Mary spills the beans in the Rovers, but how far will ev­ery­one have to go to keep the young­ster safe? And what does Nathan re­ally have planned when he tells Bethany she must travel to Bel­gium alone? Crooked cop­per Neil will doubt­less be at the heart of the ac­tion. At least Craig looks as if he might be on to him, but is this go­ing to land him in danger?

Anna con­tin­ues to be mis­ery per­son­i­fied, ob­sessed with shov­el­ling food into any­one who stands still long enough with their mouth open, and giv­ing Kevin no at­ten­tion what­so­ever. Small won­der that when Dev for­gets Erica’s birth­day, she and Kevin find them­selves drown­ing their sor­rows. But when Erica leans in for a kiss, will Kevin re­spond? I’m not even sure she’ll get that far, not with­out en­list­ing the help of a hedge-trim­mer to get through that strag­gly beard. Maybe he’ll re­turn for round two af­ter Anna ac­cuses him of be­ing ob­sessed with sex. It’s a darn sight health­ier than be­ing ob­sessed with force-feed­ing peo­ple like geese and ducks at a foie gras fac­tory farm, love.

Fol­low­ing their sud­den en­gage­ment, will Ai­dan sum­mon up the courage to break up with Eva? Good luck get­ting past those lips when you try to run out of the door.

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