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An­swers on to­day’s so­lu­tions panel.

1 MOVIES: Which 1973 film earned Robert Red­ford his only Os­car nom­i­na­tion for Best Ac­tor as pro­fes­sional grifter John ‘Kelly’ Hooker?

2 MU­SIC: Janet Jack­son sam­pled a song by which 60s folk singer in her 1997 hit, Got ’Til It’s Gone?

3 TV & RA­DIO: Who starred along­side Claire Skinner as the fa­ther of a dys­func­tional fam­ily in TV sit­com Out­num­bered?

4 SPORT: Which for­mer world Num­ber One ten­nis player was fined $1,500 in 1981 for call­ing a Wim­ble­don um­pire ‘the pits of the world’?

5 GE­OG­RA­PHY: Which West African coun­try was known as ‘French Su­dan’ un­til it gained in­de­pen­dence from France in 1960?

6 ART: Which artist’s paint­ing The Son Of Man played a piv­otal role in the 1999 re­make of The Thomas Crown Af­fair? 7 FOOD & DRINK: From what does the Va­len­cian rice dish paella take its name? 8 LIT­ER­A­TURE: Which novel by Fy­o­dor Dos­toyevsky con­cerns the trial of a man sus­pected of mur­der­ing his fa­ther with a pes­tle?

9 WORDS: From which coun­try does the word ‘to­bog­gan’ orig­i­nate? a) Swe­den, b) Peru, c) Canada.

10 IRE­LAND: Jer­point Abbey, the Cis­ter­cian abbey founded in the 12th cen­tury, is in which county?

11 THIS YEAR: Which ac­tress, win­ner of seven Emmy awards for her epony­mous sit­com, died on Jan­uary 25? 12 POT LUCK: If you have the cog­ni­tive dis­or­der prosopag­nosia what are you un­able to do?

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