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INME launched an Ir­ish edi­tion in Oc­to­ber. The first cover fea­tured the “big­gest new band in Ire­land”. Who was it? (a) Di­rec­tor (8,000 sales and count­ing) (b) The Bliz­zards (3,000 sales and count­ing) (c) The Im­me­di­ate (2,000 sales and count­ing) (d) Humanzi (600 sales and, er, not count­ing) T’S time to put 2006 in a big box and tie a pretty rib­bon around it. Were you pay­ing at­ten­tion to what was go­ing on in the world of pop? Or did you spend the year down­load­ing as much mu­sic as you could get your greedy mitts on in­stead? It’s time to find out with Dis­cotheque’s sea­sonal quiz, a test of your wits, your me­mory and your abil­ity to keep up with strange flights of fancy. Happy hol­i­days!

A sim­ple one to start: When was the last time you lis­tened to 2FM? (a) To­day. Look, I work for RTÉ, I don’t re­ally have a choice in the mat­ter, OK? (b) Yes­ter­day. I was look­ing for Ra­dio One, but tuned into the wrong sta­tion. Took me a while to re­alise it. (c) I haven’t lis­tened to 2FM since they took Gareth O’Cal­laghan off the air. (d) I am a teenager, I have never lis­tened to 2FM. Which of the fol­low­ing in­gre­di­ents were stuffed into Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Break­fast Roll? (a) Mush­rooms (b) Beans (c) Two pud­dings, one black and white (d) Liver U2 sued their ex-stylist to re­cover sev­eral items of Bono’s cloth­ing, in­clud­ing which of the fol­low­ing items? (a) Y-fronts (b) Sweat­shirt (c) High heels (d) Mono­grammed lilac-coloured hand­ker­chief (used) It was an­other quiet year for rock’n’roll at Slane Cas­tle. Who should head­line the spir­i­tual home of the Ir­ish fes­ti­val ex­pe­ri­ence in 2007? (a) AC/DC (b) Scooter (c) Damien Rice (d) The Ir­ish Wed­ding Fair Dublin indie sta­tion Phan­tom FM fi­nally went on the le­gal air­waves in 2006. What was the first tune spun? (a) Boom­town Rats’ Rat Trap (b) Smash­ing Pump­kins’ To­day (c) The Blood Arm’s Stay Put! (d) U2’s Beau­ti­ful Day Who or what are the Hard Work­ing Class He­roes? (a) A sk­if­fle band from Crum­lin (b) The new name for The Thrills (c) An Ir­ish new bands fest (d) A Lim­er­ick gang Which of the fol­low­ing bands made a suc­cess­ful come­back in 2006? (a) Bananarama (b) Ghost of an Amer­i­can Air­man (c) Take That (d) My Lit­tle Fun­house What was the ti­tle of the DVD re­leased by Dublin indie scene an­i­mated fun­ny­men Eye­browy? (a) Here’s One We Drew Ear­lier (b) Eye­browy Salutes the Majesty of Ja­son Byrne (c) I Pre­fer The Early Stuff (d) Paddy Casey Ha Ha Ha Leagues O’Toole wrote a stonk­ing great, must-read book on which in­fa­mous Ir­ish act? (a) Cy­press, Mine! (b) Mov­ing Hearts (c) Mama’s Boys (d) Planxty Ox­e­gen 2006 will be re­mem­bered for what? (a) The price of the ke­babs (b) The Who’s cover ver­sion of The Huck­le­buck (c) The post-event cov­er­age of what hap­pened or did not hap­pen on Camp­site A (d) The “no socks” rule in­tro­duced back­stage How many times did The Stun­ning re­form in 2006? (a) Once (b) Twice (c) Three times (d) What, The Stun­ning split up? There were a cou­ple of Bud Ris­ing fes­ti­vals dur­ing the year, but which of the fol­low­ing right-on acts did not take the cor­po­rate dol­lar? (a) Daft Punk (b) Ra­dio­head (c) Mor­ris­sey (d) The Racon­teurs Speak­ing of Bud Ris­ing, why aren’t ticket prices for the shows lower be­cause of the spon­sor­ship?

(a) Dude, it’s a chance to see such qual­ity acts so quit grip­ing. (b) The beer money pays forMor­ris­sey’s trousers. (c) All that brand­ing and those beer­mats turned the right way up don’t come cheap, you know. (d) It’s bloody Rip-Off Ire­land again. Do you have a num­ber for Ed­die Hobbs? How many singer-song­writ­ers does it take to change a light­bulb? (a) One (b) Two (c) Six (d) You’re stuck for a ques­tion, aren’t you? And, the fi­nal ques­tion, what does Dis­cotheque want for Christ­mas? (a) World peace (b) The new Ar­cade Fire album (c) A crate of Old Ja­maican Ginger Beer (d) A pair of socks


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