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MARIA TECCE The Cobalt Café, Dublin Wed 19th-Sat 22nd

What’s on your rider?

One masseuse, one case of cham­pagne, and a late sup­per at the Tro­cadero af­ter­wards.

What would be on your fan­tasy rider?

Two Ital­ian masseuses, two cases of Krug cham­pagne, an un­lim­ited amount of sex­ual favours from Daniel Craig and a late sup­per at the Tro­cadero af­ter­wards.

What’s your pre-gig rit­ual/rou­tine?

It de­pends if it’s a new show or not. If not, I just have to get to the venue a few hours ahead to take care of all the ad­min, tech­ni­cal, and busi­ness end of things. When things run smoothly, I get to spend time with the boys, sound check, and then play.

In­door or out­door gig?

In­door is safer for sound.

Club or pub gig?

Clubs, I think. But some bars have quite savvy gig spa­ces.

Who is the most fa­mous per­son to have shown up at one of your gigs?

I had Gra­ham Nor­ton show up at a gig in Lon­don – very cool. I also saw Heath Ledger at one, but I think he was just there to see the strip­pers who went on af­ter me.

What’s your best crowd­pleas­ing num­ber?

Sis­ter Sadie seems to get them go­ing; it re­ally kicks and has a good groove.

Chat­ting be­tween songs – good or bad, and why?

I’m in awe of peo­ple who just chat away ef­fort­lessly. I like to talk to my au­di­ence – there’s usu­ally a story be­hind the songs, usu­ally hav­ing to do with sex, love, or some un­for­tu­nate in­ci­dent in­volv­ing both.

Groupies – would you?

If they are hand­some, have good taste, sure. But I draw the line at stalk­ers. A cou­ple of years ago I had a guy who wanted me to sing his songs.

How much are you get­ting paid for the gig?

I have no idea. But I do know we’re hav­ing one hell of a party af­ter­wards. TONY CLAY­TON-LEA

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