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Ac­cord­ing to Lenny Abra­ham­son, “com­mer­cials are harder to get into than any other form of film-mak­ing be­cause they are lu­cra­tive and so many peo­ple want to do them.

“I was very lucky be­cause I came in at a time when the old guard of com­mer­cials direc­tors in Ire­land were los­ing their ap­peal to the ad agen­cies, and the agen­cies were look­ing to find young blood. Jonny Speers very gen­er­ously made an in­vest­ment in me. We made a test com­mer­cial for a non-ex­is­tent prod­uct, a news­pa­per, and it was good. That’s what got me the work.

“I would say my best one is the Carls­berg ad, where Ja­son McA­teer is dream­ing of win­ning the World Cup and scor­ing the fi­nal goal. I liked do­ing the Carls­berg one where the guys are go­ing to a night­club and look­ing re­ally scruffy, and the one with the catch line about Carls­berg not do­ing flat­mates, but if they did they would be the best flat­mates in the world.

“I liked the ads I did for The Ir­ish Times Mag­a­zine, which had a kid go­ing to school and tak­ing a sponge pad out of his lunch­box be­cause his mother has been so busy read­ing the mag­a­zine, and then we see her clean­ing the counter with a ham sand­wich.

“I did an ad for Tan­za­nian beer, Sa­fari lager, and I made it with a Kenyan pro­duc­tion com­pany. That was in­sane, and re­ally good fun. And I did a chew­ing gum com­mer­cial in Ar­gentina with a lit­tle girl and a lion. I have to say it had it had the worst safety set-up for any­thing I’ve done. It was a mir­a­cle that no one was eaten


Fan­tasy Ire­land: Ja­son McA­teer, beer com­mer­cial


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