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1 This Is Eng­land

Set in the early days of Thatcher’s Bri­tain, this funny, ter­ri­fy­ing study of a boy’s in­duc­tion into the skin­head move­ment con­firms Shane Mead­ows as a great English di­rec­tor and an­nounces young Thomas Tur­goose as an ac­tor to watch.

2 I’m Not There

3 Apoca­lypto 4 The Lives of Oth­ers/Das Leben der An­deren 5 The As­sas­si­na­tion of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

6 East­ern Prom­ises

7 Res­cue Dawn

8 Zo­diac

Six Bob Dy­lans. One is a wo­man. An­other is a black child. Trust Todd Haynes to find a sat­is­fac­tory vis­ual cor­rel­a­tive for Mr Zim­mer­man’s el­lip­ti­cal artistry. Mel Gib­son out­does him­self with this agree­ably bru­tal drama of pur­suit set among the an­cient Mayan civil­i­sa­tion. The most purely ex­cit­ing film of the year. Im­pres­sive thriller that some­how man­ages to al­low a ded­i­cated Stasi agent some hu­man­ity while de­tail­ing the full hor­rors of the old East Ger­man regime. Al­most as long as its ti­tle, Andrew Dominik’s ex­is­ten­tial west­ern tells an old, old story in a se­duc­tively orig­i­nal voice. David Cro­nen­berg’s grip­ping thriller – Viggo Mortensen as a Rus­sian hood in Lon­don – shows that it is pos­si­ble to make a first-class film from a dis­tinctly or­di­nary script. It tells the story of one man’s es­cape from a pris­oner of war camp in Laos dur­ing the Viet­nam War. So, it’s

in the jun­gle? Not quite. Werner Her­zog im­poses his own creative mad­ness on the story and edges it to­wards tran­scen­dence. Long, com­plex and mess­ily struc­tured, David Fincher study of the hunt for the Zo­diac killer in 1970s San Fran­cisco has some of the grip­ping in­ten­sity of All the Pres­i­dent’s Men.

9 In­land Em­pire

10 Once 1 I Want Candy

Eal­ing Films used to pro­duce the best come­dies in the world. David Lynch goes into in­dul­gence over­drive. This ex­tra­or­di­nary pic­ture, shot on ugly dig­i­tal video, makes ab­so­lutely no sense and is fre­quently deeply dis­com­fort­ing. It’s also im­pos­si­ble to for­get. John Car­ney grabs a cam­era, fol­lows Markéta Ir­glová and Glen Hansard around Dublin for a few days, and some­how de­liv­ers the word-of­mouth hit of the year. Now they de­liver vile sex farces that re­call the grim depths to which the Bri­tish film in­dus­try sank in the 1970s.

2 Good Luck Chuck

Jaw-drop­pingly misog­y­nis­tic Amer­i­can com­edy that some­how topped the Ir­ish box-of­fice for a week. Shame on you!

3 Goal! 2

Un­in­ten­tion­ally hys­ter­i­cal foot­ball-re­lated se­quel (why?).

4 Per­fect Stranger

More garbage from Halle Berry.

5 Li­cence to Wed

Robin Wil­liams stars as a “funny” priest. Will you be vom­it­ing now or later?

Apoca­lypto now: in third place

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