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FULL NAME: Kim­berly Ann Deal BORN: June 1961; Day­ton, Ohio FIRST BAND: The Breed­ers, with twin sis­ter Kelley. A DIY af­fair, the duo wrote and played folk-rock tunes in their bed­room. FIRST BREAK: Hav­ing moved to Bos­ton with hus­band John Mur­phy, she spot­ted an ad look­ing for a bassist into Hüsker Dü and Peter, Paul and Mary. De­spite never hav­ing played the bass be­fore and not ac­tu­ally pos­sess­ing one, Deal, aka Mrs John Mur­phy, got the gig with the Pix­ies in 1985 be­cause she was the only one to an­swer the ad. THE RISE: Pix­ies be­came one of the most sem­i­nal al­ter­na­tive acts of all time thanks to al­bums such as Surfer Rosa and Doolittle and the tracks Gi­gan­tic, De­baser and Where Is My Mind? THE FALL: There was con­stant fric­tion in the form of on­stage rows and stu­dio spats be­tween Deal and lead singer Black Francis over her de­sire to con­trib­ute more songs to the band. When Bossanova was re­leased in 1990, with the bulk of the songs writ­ten by Francis, the end was nigh. In 1993, Francis faxed band mem­bers to tell them he had dis­banded the Pix­ies. THE BREED­ERS: In 1988, Deal hooked up with Tanya Donelly when Throw­ing Muses and Pix­ies were tour­ing Europe to­gether and the pair de­cided to form a new band to­gether. Deal re­cy­cled the name she and her sis­ter had used back in Day­ton and The Breed­ers’ re­leased Pod in 1990. SEC­OND BREAK: The band’s sec­ond album Last Splash was re­leased in 1993 and was a huge com­mer­cial suc­cess thanks to Can­non­ball. It also saw Deal’s sis­ter Kelley join the group. KIM’S HIGHS: Her work with Pix­ies, the Breed­ers’ clas­sic Can­non­ball and her re­turn to form on the new album Moun­tain Bat­tles. KIM’S LOWS: Deal checked her­self into re­hab in 2002 to sort out drink and drug prob­lems. “I wasn’t a mu­si­cian with some drugs in the room,” she told one in­ter­viewer, “I was a drug ad­dict with some mu­si­cal gear in the room.”

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