You put what at num­ber 1?

Last week’s list of our 40 favourite Ir­ish al­bums of all time drew hun­dreds of com­ments to our blog. Here’s a se­lec­tion of the posts, plus – as promised – the list of the cho­sen al­bums that didn’t make the top 40

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Very happy to see It’s Too Late to Stop Now, Van’s live album in there. Was al­ways a huge favourite of mine ... Hav­ing less than a hand­ful of al­bums on the list that were made in the 21st cen­tury is a bit of pity though. – Teddy

Some great choices and as a guy who wears My Bloody Valen­tine T-shirt still, the in­clu­sion of Isn’t Any­thing also made me very happy. – Vinny Mc Grath

De­lighted to see Roller­skate Skinny but would have put Ach­tung Baby at num­ber 1. The tran­si­tion they made from the Joshua Tree to such an in­com­pa­ra­ble piece of work still amazes me. – Ken

No Frank and Wal­ters… re­ally? And where are The Stun­ning or Sul­tans of Ping? An Emo­tional Fish? – Jessie

The last ten years in Ir­ish mu­sic have been an un­mit­i­gated dis­as­ter. –Steve K

Makes me feel slightly queasy that Snow Pa­trol and Damien Rice are in there, and The Im­me­di­ate aren’t. – Lauren

I per­son­ally would like to see Cathy Davey’s Some­thing Ilk or Tales of Sil­ver­sleeve in there some­where. For me she’s the best for the last cou­ple of years. – rap­ture­ponies

The rea­son there’s so much non-cur­rent stuff is that it’s a Best of All Time list. Mu­sic needs time to ma­ture. – Sheila

No place for Kila’s bril­liant Tóg É Go Bog É Tog? What gives? –David Bowie

Worst Top-40 list ever! You have ig­nored al­bums brought out by in­de­pen­dent la­bels or by mu­si­cians them­selves. You have al­most to­tally missed the en­tire Whelans singer-song­writer scene. Your list seems to have a bias to around 1982 to 1992, pre­sum­ably the time that you were all hip. – Alan

No Horslips! Surely The Tain or The Book Of In­va­sions should have been men­tioned. – Peter

Eyes Open by Snow Pa­trol is aw­ful. Snow Pa­trol made one re­ally good album (When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up) which was roundly ig­nored, and one de­cent one (Fi­nal Straw) that was huge. If any Snow Pa­trol album was on the list, it should have been one of those. – Neill

In­ter­est­ing list but could you draw up an al­ter­na­tive Top 40 with the omis­sions alone? Very sur­prised by the ab­sence of Julie Feeney, one of the bravest and most sin­gu­lar Ir­ish al­bums of all time. But glad such dross as Mary Cough­lan, Frances Black and Juliet Turner do not fea­ture. – St Karen

I have a SE­RI­OUS prob­lem with your list. As any muso anorak knows, one should not have rep­e­ti­tion of artists …. It would make room for oth­ers: Horslips, or dear old Kittser. – Eoin Dunlea

Why did Duke Spe­cial not make it? – Roisin

A list of great­est al­bums shouldn’t in­clude live al­bums. – Phil

Oh right … A House, The Ra­di­a­tors, My Bloody Valen­tine … Ob­vi­ously all un­recog­nised ge­niuses hav­ing pro­duced bet­ter al­bums than As­tral Weeks and The Joshua Tree ... yea right. Wow! You are such in­tel­lec­tual, con­tro­ve­rial artis­tic rebels! – Kron

Love­less at No 1 – spot on. Still as bril­liant as ever. – Jim Kennedy

In­ter­est­ing list. Went to iTunes and bought Love­less on the back of the fea­ture. No sign of Whip­ping Boy there un­for­tu­nately. – RC

Sur­pris­ing omis­sions of Paul Brady, Christy Moore (apart from a pass­ing men­tion as part of Planxty), and most un­for­give­ably Horslips. – Don­nacha

The Im­me­di­ate In Tow­ers and Clouds and JJ72 de­served a men­tion. – The Man Who Laughs

Isn’t the Cran­ber­ries sup­posed to be higher on the list? I’m from Brazil, have been to Ire­land and found it strange that peo­ple don’t seem to care much about this band. Is it true? – Matty Boy

I’m sur­prised no­body’s noted the ab­sence of Fionn Re­gan or even Si Scroeder? – Padraic


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