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41 Ash: Free All An­gels 42 That Petrol Emo­tion:

Chem­i­crazy 43 Marc Car­roll: World On A Wire 44 Horslips: Book of In­va­sions 45 Golden Horde: Golden Horde 46 The Frank And Wal­ters:

Grand Pa­rade 47 The Divine Com­edy: Casanova 48 The Boom­town Rats:

In The Long Grass 49 Into Par­adise: For No One 50 Taste: On the Boards 51 Fa­tima Man­sions:

Viva Dead Ponies 52 Rory Gal­lagher: Ir­ish Tour 1974 53 The Four of Us: Clas­si­fied Per­sonal 54 Nick Kelly: Be­tween Trapezes 55 Into Par­adise: Church­town 56 The Frank And Wal­ters:

Trains, Boats And Planes 57 Van Mor­ri­son: Avalon Sun­set 58 Revelino: Revelino 59 Divine Com­edy: Lib­er­a­tion 60 Fionn Re­gan: The End of His­tory 61 U2: All That You Can’t Leave

Be­hind 62 Power Of Dreams: Im­mi­grants,

Emi­grants and Me 63 Gemma Hayes: Night on my Side 64 Van Mor­ri­son: Tu­pelo Honey 65 Horslips: The Tain 66 Cane 141: Gar­den Tiger Moth 67 Duke Spe­cial: Songs from the

Deep For­est 68 U2: The Un­for­get­table Fire 69 The Vir­gin Prunes: If I Die, I Die 70 That Petrol Emo­tion:

Manic Pop Thrill 71 Sim­ple Kid: 1 72 Andy Irvine & Paul Brady:

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 73 Them: The An­gry Young Them 74 Snow Pa­trol: Fi­nal Straw 75 Julie Feeney: 13 Songs 76 Rory Gal­lagher: Tat­too 77 David Kitt: The Big Ro­mance 78 Van Mor­ri­son: Vee­don Fleece 79 A House: I Want Too Much 80 Star­jets: God Bless the Star­jets 81 The Frames: Dance the Devil 82 Snow Pa­trol: It’s All Fun and Games un­til Some­one Loses an Eye 83 Van Mor­ri­son: St Do­minic’s

Preview 84 The Stun­ning: Par­adise In The

Pic­ture­house 85 The Boom­town Rats: Tonic for

the Troops 86 Sinead O’Con­nor: The Lion And

The Co­bra 87 Mary Cough­lan: Un­der the

In­flu­ence 88 Ther­apy?: In­fer­nal Love 89 The Out­casts: Self Con­scious

Over You 90 The Im­me­di­ate: Tow­ers &

Clouds 91 The Would Bes: Silly Songs for

Cyn­i­cal Peo­ple 92 The Ty­cho Brahe: Love/Life 93 The Thrills: So Much for the City

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