The Bake Sale

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XL Try to imag­ine what Fiddy, Snoop, The Game, Kanye or any other mem­bers of hip-hop’s A-class would make of The Bake Sale. They’d click right away that Chuck English and Mikey Rock were try­ing to bring 1988 back, and they’d prob­a­bly nod their heads to the “new black ver­sion of The Beastie Boys”. But that would be as far as it goes. For hip-hop’s main­stream, the back-to the-old-school Cool Kids are prob­a­bly a nov­elty turn, as far re­moved from hip-hop’s cur­rent lex­i­con as you can get. No sur­prises, then, that The Cool Kids ap­peal to fans who aban­doned the Fiddy panto a long time ago, as well as indie kids look­ing for some beats and rhymes. The Bake Sale is a throw­back to a time when hip-hop was about hoot­ing and hol­ler­ing and not shoot­ing and beefs. In­deed, there’s a real charm to the lowslung elec­tro beats and the duo’s sharp word­play and spot-on lyrics. www.mys­­coolkids Down­load tracks: Black Mags, Mikey Rocks, 88

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