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Kevin Court­ney on cool clothes for daddy’s lit­tle rocker

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Dadrocker’s all on his own this week: lit­tle Daniel has scooted off to Italy with his mother, leav­ing me rat­tling around in an empty house. It’s deathly quiet around here – I miss the cries, the screams and the wails. And that’s just his mum.

At least I had my turn ear­lier this sum­mer, gal­li­vant­ing off to Chicago un­der the pre­text of writ­ing a few things for this pa­per. This was seen in cer­tain quar­ters of our house­hold as “get­ting away with it”, but I as­sured her­self I would be work­ing hard, shop­ping and sight­see­ing for our read­ers’ ben­e­fit.

To as­suage my guilt while in Chicago, I dropped in to Baby Gap on Michi­gan Av­enue and picked up some cool stuff for Daniel. Up to then, I had never re­ally given much thought to the whole baby clothes thing – just get a few baby­gros in Dunnes. But see­ing Daniel in his surf dude T-shirt and com­bats from Baby Gap, I re­alised how im­por­tant it is to get your sprog into the right gear: you’ve worked hard at cul­ti­vat­ing a rock’n’roll im­age, so don’t ruin it by hav­ing your kid dressed like your dad.

When Bon Jovi drum­mer Tico Tor­res was hang­ing out with his rock star pals, he no­ticed that, though ev­ery­one was sport­ing fash­ion­able threads, their kids were all wear­ing the same bor­ing old baby clothes. So Tico started Rock Star Baby, a range of in­fantwear that would se­ri­ously kick ass. Only prob­lem is, when you put your lit­tle rocker into Rock Star Baby T-shirt, hat, pants and hoodie, he looks like Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.

An­other cloth­ing line, My Rock Star Baby, has clicked with the celebrity set. There’s Shiloh Pitt, son of Brangelina, sport­ing his “Potty Like a Rock Star” T-shirt in OK! mag­a­zine. And check out Coco Ar­quette, daugh­ter of David and Courteney, look­ing too cool for playschool. How about an AB/CD logo for the lit­tle met­al­head in your life, or an iPoo’d logo for your techie tot? Or a pair of Baby­bans to give your kid that thou­sand-yard, rock-star gaze.

If all that seems tame, Metal Ba­bies has a killer range of T-shirts and one-pieces for your lit­tle de­mon, fea­tur­ing skulls, pen­ta­grams and burn­ing teddy bears, plus Motörkid, Twisted Li’l Sis­ter and Mater­nica – Spill ’Em All T-Shirts.

Strolling around on Chicago’s west side, I came across the one baby shop to rule ’em all: Psy­cho Baby on Da­men Av­enue. This place has ev­ery­thing you need to en­sure your baby is the coolest kid in the creche. There’s a range of T-shirts fea­tur­ing the real Ra­mones, Blondie, Bob Mar­ley, The Who and The Rolling Stones, plus a paci­fier that says “mute but­ton” and some hip nappy bags and baby wipe sets.

But wait – if I dress Daniel up like a rock star now, might he end up re­belling against his par­ents and “go nerdy” in his teens? So, maybe a Coldplay T-shirt to start with, and he can work his way up to the cool stuff. Be­lieve me, Daniel, you’ll thank me for it.

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