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The film starts with a beau­ti­fully shot scene, end­ing in the death of a child. It’s an event over which the par­ents have no con­trol, and from this point all con­trol is lost. A de­scent into chaos fol­lows, summed up in one scene by a self-can­ni­bal­is­ing fox who says “chaos reigns”, and that’s what von Trier is try­ing to say. Some of the shoot­ing is fan­tas­tic and scenes of na­ture are par­tic­u­larly beau­ti­ful, with many hav­ing a dream-like qual­ity that re­ally ap­pealed.

I found the un­re­lent­ing na­ture of the film quite tough to deal with by times. It shocked me in some ways, but then I think it would be an odd per­son who didn’t find some el­e­ments of it shock­ing: a baby fall­ing from a win­dow, graphic gen­i­tal mu­ti­la­tion and a com­plete men­tal break down.

I’ve seen a num­ber of von Trier’s movies and over­all would be a fan. While he clearly has the abil­ity to shock, he also has the tal­ent to make other types of movies, from the comedic to the po­lit­i­cal to some­thing like this. He’s even made a mu­si­cal. He’s a real tal­ent if a lit­tle odd. I’m glad I saw it but it’s not a film I’d rec­om­mend. Peo­ple who want to see this will know to go and see it.

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