“It’s def­i­nitely true that if I’m re­ally sad, then the songs tend to pour out. just kind of wrote it­self”

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“We were do­ing our first tour and Guy Gar­vey came to the Manch­ester show, and I’d just got the let­ter from the Ivors peo­ple, and I was told that I wasn’t al­lowed to an­nounce it to peo­ple for an­other four weeks. But af­ter the show, I just couldn’t bear it, I had to tell him, and then he said, ‘hm­mmm, rrrright, I think we might be up for the same award.’

“He was amaz­ing af­ter­wards, be­cause they ob­vi­ously won, and then in all the in­ter­views he gave af­ter­wards, he kept say­ing he thought that Melt­ing Snow should have won. You just couldn’t lose to a bet­ter band, re­ally. “We’ve been pretty lucky with Sleeper, be­cause it’s got­ten good re­views. But you can have, like, 30 or 40 amaz­ing re­views and then you have one bad one and it’s just like, uh, straight to your heart. The writ­ing on this al­bum in par­tic­u­lar is very per­sonal, so that makes it even harder to deal with bad re­views.” “I’m re­ally not that into tra­di­tional English folk mu­sic, I find it a lit­tle bit twee. I pre­fer the more con­tem­po­rary-sound­ing stuff. The big in­spi­ra­tion for me was early to mid-Six­ties Beach Boys, like Pet Sounds, Friends and 20/20. As soon as I heard those ar­range­ments on pop songs, it kind of opened my ears to so many pos­si­bil­i­ties. The ul­ti­mate pop song? It’s prob­a­bly an ob­vi­ous one but Good Vi­bra­tions.” “My very first band, with Shane and Paddy, was called She Talks To Angels. Af­ter that, I joined The Tele­scopes just as they were be­ing dropped by Cre­ation Records. But I’ve no re­grets – it was a very for­ma­tive pe­riod, and I learnt a lot about mu­sic when I was play­ing with them.

“Paddy’s got his own band now, Rid­ing the Low. I pro­duced his first few demos, and one of the first Leisure So­ci­ety gigs was in Bur­ton with Rid­ing The Low.” “I did a bit of writ­ing with Beth Or­ton re­cently, but I’ve been so busy with The Leisure So­ci­ety, I’ve had to turn down a cou­ple of of­fers, which was quite painful to do, be­cause they were things I would have killed for a year ago. I still do play with a cou­ple of bands from Brighton, one of them called The Sons of Noel and Adrian. It’s very en­joy­able to play in other peo­ple’s bands, be­cause there’s not so much pres­sure.

“I’d love to do more sound­track work. I did a lit­tle work on Shane’s movies, and I’d love to do more of that. Ev­ery in­ter­view we do, I keep drop­ping in Wes An­der­son – we’d re­ally love to do a sound­track for him.” “I’ve al­ways said that in my case hap­pi­ness writes white. Be­cause if I’m re­ally happy in my per­sonal life, I don’t re­ally have much to write about. It’s def­i­nitely true that if I’m re­ally sad, then the songs tend to pour out. Melt­ing Snow just kind of wrote it­self, as did a cou­ple of other tracks on the al­bum. But the last track on the al­bum, Love’s Enor­mous Wings, was writ­ten when I met my cur­rent girl­friend, so I know I can write happy songs.

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