“You could turn into a robot Michael and fire laser beams from your hands!”

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Nev­er­land Ranch, he didn’t ap­pear in a videogame un­til well into his ca­reer – a tie-in with his 1990 van­ity film, Moon­walker.

The game fol­lowed a fa­mil­iar side-scrolling com­bat for­mula while em­brac­ing Jack­son’s ec­cen­tric­ity. The King of Pop, wear­ing his Smooth Crim­i­nal-era white suit, dis­patched nu­mer­ous goons while search­ing for some kid­napped chil­dren. Com­bat moves in­cluded kick­ing and fling­ing his fe­dora, and even danc­ing. (When he danced, the vil­lains joined in, but soon be­came ex­hausted.)

The arcade ver­sion had a spe­cial treat: You could turn into a robot Michael and fire laser beams from your hands!

Ten years af­ter Moon­walker, Jack­son ap­peared briefly as “Space Michael” in the fu­tur­is­tic mu­sic dance game Space Chan­nel 5. In this case, Jack­son courted Sega look­ing for an op­por­tu­nity to ap­pear in the game. Even more bizarrely, two years later Jack­son popped up in Ready 2 Rum­ble Boxing: Round 2.

This car­toon­ish game had a num­ber of spe­cial guest stars from the era, in­clud­ing bas­ket­ball leg­end Shaq. The pop­star agreed to be pho­tographed and par­tic­i­pated in the de­vel­op­ers’ mo­tion cap­ture.

Jack­son’s in­flu­ence rip­pled far be­yond mu­sic, and trib­utes to his im­age and his danc­ing style have ap­peared in games as dis­parate as Leisure Suit Larry and Plants vs Zom­bies.

Which brings us to Michael Jack­son: The Ex­pe­ri­ence, a much more fit­ting game for the star. The dance game brings an an­i­mated Jack­son to the gamer’s screen and trains you to mimic the dancer on­screen. Jack­son was in­volved with the game be­fore he died, and I imag­ine he would have loved the new mo­tion-cap­ture con­trols.

Michael Jack­son was ahead of his time in many ways, and it seemed like we all had to wait un­til technology was ready to give him the videogame he de­served.

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