Why are so many non-Amer­i­cans sud­denly play­ing all-Amer­i­can su­per­heroes? Cana­dian Ryan Reynolds, now star­ring as is just the lat­est for­eign-born ac­tor to play a state­side su­per­hero. Joe Grif­fin won­ders where all the Yanks have gone

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SU­PER­HEROES are all over the movies these days, but have you no­ticed any­thing about the ac­tors who play them? They’re al­most al­ways tall, ath­letic, hand­some – and played by non-Amer­i­cans. The big-screen comic heroes of re­cent years, this sum­mer and be­yond com­prise an ar­rivals lounge filled with for­eign pass­ports.

From Down Un­der, there’s Chris Hemsworth ( Thor), Hugh Jack­man ( Wolver­ine) and Eric Bana ( Hulk). The Cana­dian con­tin­gent in­cludes Seth Ro­gen ( The Green Hor­net) and Ryan Reynolds ( Dead­pool and Green Lan­tern). And these isles have sent a whole slew of ac­tors to Hol­ly­wood: Welsh­man Chris­tian Bale ( Bat­man), the quite English Andrew Garfield and Jer­sey’s Henry Cav­ill (the new Spi­der-Man and Su­per­man, re­spec­tively), and half-Ir­ish­man Michael Fass­ben­der and Scot­land’s James McAvoy (as Mag­neto and Pro­fes­sor X in X-Men: First Class). How did this come to pass? Here are some


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