“The name of Sony’s next por­ta­ble con­sole had been do­ing the rounds for weeks”

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The news that Microsoft is rolling out Kinect sup­port for a range of games sig­nals the com­pany’s in­ten­tion to make its mo­tion-sen­si­tive con­troller a ma­jor part of its strat­egy. But rather than force the con­troller’s use in games where it is clearly not suit­able, Microsoft has opted in­stead to in­clude el­e­ments of the con­troller in se­lected sec­tions of some games.

In Mass Ef­fect 3, for ex­am­ple, you’ll be able to speak lines of di­a­logue rather than se­lect them on screen with the con­troller.

It all looked very slick, and with one ob­jec­tive: to make Kinect part of the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence, in­stead of a nice add-on when you want to play more ca­sual games.

Part of the prob­lem may have been that this year, some of the more ex­cit­ing an­nounce­ments had al­ready been leaked in ad­vance. The name of Sony’s next por­ta­ble con­sole, the Vita, was un­veiled at E3, but ru­mours that ac­cu­rately pre­dicted the name had al­ready been do­ing the rounds for weeks.

Nin­tendo’s big news was less about its up­com­ing Wii U con­sole and more about the con­troller. But this was the vic­tim of an­other leak, with most of the per­ti­nent de­tails – such as the touch screen – al­ready known be­fore the stands were even set up in Los An­ge­les.

Al­though it has the tra­di­tional games con­trols, the touch screen el­e­ment is more than a cur­sory nod to the cur­rent competition posed by the iPad and other tablet de­vices, which are ex­pected to con­tinue grow­ing in pop­u­lar­ity.

It also has the po­ten­tial to side­step a lot of ar­gu­ments – it can func­tion as a sec­ond screen so you can keep play­ing when the TV is needed for some­thing else.

How­ever, there was also dis­ap­point­ment for Nin­tendo fans. It won’t be avail­able in 2011. And play­ers may be lim­ited to one Wii U touch­screen con­troller at a time.

Nin­tendo did hold out the prospect of a beefed-up 3DS game li­brary, and some 25th an­niver­sary edi­tions of Zelda.

Games com­pa­nies may find cus­tomers are harder to please as ex­pec­ta­tions con­tinue to rise.

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