“It al­lows you to bring your games with you and pick up play where you left off”

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re­spon­si­ble for one of the most pop­u­lar games fran­chises on the mo­bile plat­form.

It’s hard to imag­ine that the tablet could ever re­ally re­place the con­sole. They’re just two com­pletely dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ences. Con­soles give you all the bells and whis­tles: pow­er­ful graph­ics, im­mer­sive 3D gam­ing, even the rum­ble feed­back you get through con­trollers. Tablets have their plus points, as do smart­phones, but you just can’t beat con­sole gam­ing.

But could the con­sole fi­nally have a rea­son to fear the tablet? On­live cer­tainly hopes so. The stream­ing games ser­vice plans to bring con­sole-qual­ity games to tablets and phones through a new mo­bile app. On­live has al­ready carved a niche for it­self since its launch, stream­ing games through its servers to your TV through its Game Sys­tem.

Un­veiled in the US in 2009, it launched there in 2010 and was brought to the UK last Septem­ber. The games are streamed through On­live’s servers to in­ter­net-con­nected de­vices, elim­i­nat­ing the need for con­soles, high-end hard­ware, discs or down­loads.

Of course, the games will need to be adapted for the touch­screen in­ter­face for tablets or mo­bile apps. LA Noire and LEGO Bat­man: The Videogame have al­ready been con­firmed, with more than 20 oth­ers avail­able, and the num­ber is grow­ing.

But On­live’s Wire­less Con­troller is com­pat­i­ble with smart­phones and touch­screens, giv­ing play­ers ac­cess to al­most 200 games through the por­ta­ble for­mat. And prob­a­bly the best bit about the whole thing is that if you buy a game for the tablet app, you can play it on any other On­live-en­abled de­vice – TV, PC, Mac or mo­bile – com­plete with all your saves. It al­lows you to bring your games with you and pick up play ex­actly where you left off.

It’s could be a pow­er­ful draw, but On­live is still only avail­able in the US and UK, leav­ing Ir­ish play­ers out in the cold for now.

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