Bon Voyageur

Cana­dian singer Kath­leen Ed­wards tells Tony Clay­ton-lea about the per­ils of writ­ing about re­la­tion­ships, and the long jour­ney to re­leas­ing her fine new al­bum,

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“Well, it feels a lot bet­ter that it’s out in the world, in­stead of hav­ing fin­ished it and then a long pe­riod of time with­out any­one re­ally hear­ing it. I was in Dublin last fall open­ing for Bon Iver [Justin Ver­non is Ed­wards’s cur­rent part­ner], and while the al­bum was fin­ished it was al­most like hav­ing my hands tied in that I was more than ready to be play­ing the new songs, but be­cause the al­bum wasn’t ac­tu­ally out I was al­most pro­hib­ited. Years of my life have been wrapped up in Voyageur – cre­atively, I felt like I’d crossed over into new ter­ri­tory for my­self that was re­ally fun, re­ward­ing and chal­leng­ing.

“For the record to sit on a shelf for a while kind of took the wind out of my sails. It was as if all that hard work hadn’t re­ally added up to any­thing.” re­lease mu­sic. It’s val­i­dat­ing that it’s out now, of course, and the truth is that I feel like I’m be­ing heard for the first time. The record isn’t re­ally in the same genre of mu­sic that I ex­isted in be­fore, so I feel hopeful in that the next few years are go­ing to be in­ter­est­ing. I don’t feel like I’m go­ing to be tied to a cer­tain type of mu­sic any­more, that’s for sure.”

“This record is all of those, and in ret­ro­spect I re­alise I did put a lot of my own in­for­ma­tion out there. And it’s not like it’s just my de­tails – it’s my ex-hus­band, who is also in­volved in this story. It’s al­most like it feels un­fair that I’ve told ev­ery­body things that maybe I didn’t want to be out there. Of course, I’m prob­a­bly not the only per­son who goes through this stuff, but I’m the only one telling peo­ple about it, and so I feel the op­por­tu­nity to be judged is far greater, and maybe that is some­thing I wish I had not done.” “Ha! Oh, I think that’s prob­a­bly just my own in­se­cu­rity com­ing out when I say stuff like that. If I could say one thing: ev­ery record has a story and some­times you feel like your life or your artis­tic work, cu­mu­la­tively, is larger than the per­son you broke up with – or even the story it­self. Some­times there is more to the picture than the boy that was in it, you know? Some in­ter­views to date have fo­cused on the al­bum be­ing a di­vorce or break-up al­bum or a new love al­bum, but it’s just a snap­shot of life. Maybe the al­bum is re­la­tion­ship-heavy, but I have far more in­ter­est­ing things hap­pen­ing in my heart and in my head than just who I’m cur­rently in love with. That stuff is im­por­tant if one-di­men­sional.”

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