“We grew up around the in­die cir­cuit and play­ing squat par­ties. The vi­su­als were pro­jected on to a piece of cloth pinned to a wall”

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try. The idea of sell­ing records was strange to be­gin with and it’s a mir­a­cle it has lasted this long. No other type of artist has ex­pe­ri­enced a sim­i­lar shift in the last 100 years. No one else has this thing where you make a piece of art, we du­pli­cate the record­ing and we sell it to in­fin­ity.

“You also get a lot of un­pleas­ant peo­ple work­ing in mu­sic and you get peo­ple who join bands be­cause of that bizarre cliche of be­com­ing a rock star and mak­ing loads of cash and buy­ing flash cars.”

For Bre­ton, it’s about play­ing with the pre­con­cep­tions of what a mu­si­cian is sup­posed to do. “Be­fore record­ings came along, you had to go to see a mu­si­cian live,” says Rap­pak. “There was no other way to ex­pe­ri­ence mu­sic, but the in­dus­try that has grown up around mu­sic has bas­tardised that a lot and


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