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LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR Di­rected by An­tonino D’am­bro­sio. Fea­tur­ing Shep­ard Fairey, Eve Ensler, Chuck D, Ian Mackay, Billy Bragg Club, 96 min

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ADAPTED BY artist-ac­tivist An­tonino D’Am­bro­sio from his own col­lec­tion of es­says, Let Fury Have the Hour of­fers a cu­ri­ous nexus point be­tween coun­ter­cul­tural modes of thought and artis­tic re­sponses. The con­cept is hardly a neat one, and un­der the di­rec­tor it sprawls into a loose-limbed transat­lantic his­tory of the new Right, one where Reaganomics and Thatcher cast dark twin shad­ows.

Long be­fore Chuck D pops up with a handy guide to Pub­lic En­emy’s most quoted tune, we’re aware of be­ing among folks for whom “Fight the Power” is a mantra. As­sorted economists and ac­tivists fill in the back­ground de­tails so that var­i­ous cel­e­brated mal­con­tents – a lively cho­rus of writ­ers, com­men­ta­tors, rock­ers, skate­board­ers, Wash­ing­ton punks, Taqwa- cores and street artists – might con­tex­tu­alise their work.

The film’s fast cuts and wide net make for quick-chang­ing talk­ing heads. Slowly, D’Am­bro­sio’s am­bi­tious chron­i­cle finds a rhythm as it zigzags be­tween the thoughts of Billy Bragg, Tom Morello, Ian MacKay, Eve Ensler, and all kinds of ev­ery­one.

What unites US les­bian ac­tivism and south Madrid break­danc­ing, by D’Am­bro­sio’s ac­count, is a com­mon his­tory of eco­nomic dis­con­tents. And what unites these dis­parate per­form­ers and artists is the dif­fer­ence be­tween in­de­pen­dent think­ing and indie sch­mindie brand­ing. A flurry of feel­good, de­cent-minded slo­gans add to the sen­sa­tion that we’re at­tend­ing the world’s hippest anti-cap­i­tal­ist rally.

Let Fury Have the Hour opens the North West Film and Mu­sic Fest on Novem­ber 14th (http://the­ and fea­tures in the Cork Film Fes­ti­val on Novem­ber 15th (cork­film­fes­ti­ be­fore em­bark­ing on a na­tion­wide tour.

Per­former, au­thor, poet Staceyann Chin has her say

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