Will Joseph Gor­don-le­vitt’s Bat­man join the big League?

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Let’s stop talk­ing garbage about the up­com­ing Star Wars film. Let’s talk garbage about the ru­moured Jus­tice League of Amer­ica movie in­stead. Some­one called Drew McWeeny at some­where called Hit­flix.com has caused a storm by sug­gest­ing that “Joseph Gor­don-Le­vitt ab­so­lutely will be ap­pear­ing in Jus­tice League as the new Bat­man.”

With­out want­ing to spoil things for the eight peo­ple who haven’t yet seen The Dark Knight Rises, this both makes a lot of sense and doesn’t make any sense at all (you’ll know what I mean if you ac­tu­ally have seen the pic­ture).

The JLA – DC’s ver­sion of The Avengers was a crime­fight­ing team com­pris­ing such su­per­heroes as Su­per­man, Bat­man, Won­der Woman and the Green Lantern. This McWeeny per­son is al­ready spec­u­lat­ing that Gor­don-Le­vitt’s Bat­man will turn up at the end of Man of Steel, Zack Sny­der’s up­com­ing Su­per­man re­boot. In a re­cent in­ter­view, Zack did not ex­actly deny that such

Gor­don-Le­vitt: Bat­man in Man of Steel and Jus­tice League? a scheme was afoot. “I don’t know how Jus­tice League is go­ing to be han­dled. Hon­est- ly, I don’t,” he told the New York Post. “But Man of Steel ex­ists, and Su­per­man is in it. I don’t know how you’d move for­ward with­out ac­knowl­edg­ing that.”

Hav­ing dropped those hints, he was then asked if Warner Brothers was think­ing about fit­ting Su­per­man into a larger frame­work. “Um, how can I an­swer that?” Sny­der pon­dered. “I can’t really say any­thing to that, be­cause that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.” It’s go­ing to hap­pen. Trust me.

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