What’s on your rider? cor­mac bat­tle of kerb­dog

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What’s on your rider? 24 cans of low-qual­ity lager, a cheese board, rub­ber gloves and large tub of E45 dry skin cream. What would be on your fan­tasy rider? A vibrating dou­ble bed, The sur­viv­ing mem­bers of Pan’s Peo­ple and a case of Pimm’s. What’s your pre-gig rit­ual/ rou­tine? We all shuf­fle around ner­vously look­ing at the ground. Not un­like when the slow set used to start at dis­cos in the ’80s. What’s the best gig you’ve been to? Rage Against the Ma­chine in LA – the gig was on in the singer’s apart­ment. What are your favourite and least favourite venues? All venues in Hull are tor­ture cham­bers. Favourite venue is the Metro in Chicago. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a gig ticket? £30 to a tout to see Sonic Youth in McGona­gles in the early ’90s. Chat­ting be­tween songs – good or bad? Good to let off ner­vous steam and re­mind the au­di­ence of my show on 2fm. Have you a spe­cial stage wardrobe? Life is a cat­walk, dahling, so we’re al­ways ready for the stage. Do you like to meet and greet fans af­ter the gig? For sure. They might tell you you’re fab and, more im­por­tantly, buy you a pint (mine’s lager by the way). What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you? A pair of crutches by a very an­gry man in Philadel­phia. If you could be in any other band, which one? The Chem­i­cal Brothers: turn up to gigs with a lap­top, send a few emails to each other on stage, and fill your bank ac­count. What’s your best tour story? When do­ing fes­ti­vals around Europe, one of our crew was sell­ing bits of our equip­ment to buy elicit sub­stances for him­self. We only copped it when there were no drum­sticks or strings left for the gui­tars, forc­ing him to fess up.

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