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Warner Mu­sic When re­view­ing an Air­bourne al­bum, it’s tempt­ing to para­phrase the 18th-cen­tury cler­gy­man: “Never lis­ten to an al­bum be­fore you re­view it. It prej­u­dices one so.” Air­bourne’s third finds them in hoc to fel­low Aussies AC/DC as much as ever. Here comes the in­tro riff. There goes the big fist-pump­ing cho­rus. Now it’s time for the gui­tar solo. Their en­ergy is ex­haust­ing, their sub­tlety non-ex­is­tent. The open­ing track is a reprise of the hoari­est cliché in mu­sic ( Ready to Rock). Their lyri­cal pre­oc­cu­pa­tions can be summed up as such: rock’n’roll will never die, but we might be­cause we’re par­ty­ing so hard. Blimey, AC/DC are like avant-garde jazz Swedes com­pared with this crew. And with so much of to­day’s mu­sic im­mersed in check-shirted mis­er­able­ness, it’s no harm hav­ing an good- time rock band around to re­mind us that mu­sic is sup­posed to be fun. They may be one-trick ponies, but know­ing Air­bourne, they’ll take that as a com­ple­ment. air­bourne­

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