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9 cert, Chillingo, iPad (also iPhone, iPod Touch) Bombcats is very much a prod­uct of its time as it com­bines this gen­er­a­tion’s undy­ing ob­ses­sion for fe­lines and a game me­chanic very sim­i­lar to An­gry Birds. It’s ei­ther sig­ni­fies the apex or nadir of hu­man achieve­ment, de­pend­ing on who you talk to. The ob­ject of the app game is to fling round, adorable cats to­wards im­pris­oned kit­tens. The heroic kit­ties are mag­i­cal (of course) and can ex­plode and re­gen­er­ate at will. Fling your cat next to a kit­ten’s cage and det­o­nate at the op­ti­mal mo­ment. It might sound like an­i­mal cru­elty, but it’s all very cute and in­no­cent. In­deed, Bombcats is a sug­ary con­fec­tion of bright colours, car­toon­ish me­ows and bub­bly pop mu­sic. Like the feath­ery heroes of An­gry Birds, th­ese cats of­ten have spe­cial abil­i­ties, such as Claw­dia, who can grip onto walls. Bombcats also gives you the op­tion to skip dif­fi­cult lev­els, a priv­i­lege that recharges ev­ery two hours. Ad­dic­tive and adorable; it’s cat­nip for any app gamer.

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