Ailbhe Mal­one is all about Bey­oncé’s brand new sin­gle

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Grown Woman by Bey­oncé Damn, Bey­oncé sure knows what she wants. Pro­duced by Tim­ba­land (and fea­tured in Bey’s Pepsi ad­vert), Grown Woman picks up where Girls left off. With Bey­oncé pro­claim­ing “I’m a grown woman, I can do what­ever I want”, be­fore co­quet­tishly adding “cause I got a cute face and my booty so fat”. There are added horns to­wards the end, and a syn­co­pated beat call­ing out for a sig­na­ture dance rou­tine. Well played, Mrs Carter.

No sooner has Rochelle Satur­days popped a sprog, than Frankie Satur­days is chat­ting about her preg­nancy crav­ings. Frankie told the

Daily Star: “I was never re­ally a big drinker be­fore I got preg­nant. But now that I’m not al­lowed, I re­ally want one!” She added a more achiev­able crav­ing to the list too“that’s my only preg­nancy crav­ing, that and straw­ber­ries.” We’ll have to bring her down to Wick­low this sum­mer so. It’s been a while since we heard from the Prince of Mullingar, but we’re happy to have a Niall Horan up­date. The One Frankie Satur­days: crav­ing straw­ber­ries Direc­tioner tweeted: “Euro­pean tour is over :( hon­estly sad about it, got to see so many places! played amaz­ing shows, had a great laugh, ate some great food. It was just an all round great tour!” Horan went on to gra­ciously thank his fans, tweet­ing, “Thank you so much to ev­ery sin­gle one of you who came to watch! Only for you we wouldn’t be doin’ be doin this.” To be fair, how many of us could give a bet­ter up­date of a work­ing hol­i­day than “great laugh, ate some great food”?


Cheryl Cole has some beauty tips for us all. She told web­site Get the Look: “You can wear all the make-up you want, but beauty comes from within. A lot of peo­ple say it’s a cliche, but it’s so true.” Cheryl help­fully con­tin­ued: “If you feel beau­ti­ful in­side, you can tell. So you need to feel com­fort­able within your­self, which is def­i­nitely not al­ways easy – but you should try!” That’s cer­tainly on mes­sage, but we’re sure there’s a lit­tle more to it than that, eh L’Oréal?

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