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Some­day World

The Eno is Brian and the Hyde is Karl. And just in case you’re not aware of it: the for­mer con­ceived most of the con­cepts for use in con­tem­po­rary elec­tronic mu­sic, and the lat­ter bor­rowed quite a few for his techno/am­bi­ent/ house unit, Un­der­world. As with most pair­ings of like-minded artists, the sum might not be as good as the dis­parate parts, but that’s a faint point to make – in­deed, al­most pass-re­mark­able. Cre­ated out of what Eno refers to as a “collection of be­gin­nings sit­ting around wait­ing for some­thing to make them more than just ex­per­i­ments”, and based, more or less, on wil­fully ir­reg­u­lar melodic con­struc­tions, Some­day World re­vis­its var­i­ous Eno tropes (mono­tonal pop songs, krautrock, Afrobeat, deep-fo­cus am­bi­ent) while de­liv­er­ing more heart and soul than these sorts of pair­ings nor­mally pro­vide. Strike up yet an­other hit for the Egghead! eno­hyde.com Down­load: A man Wakes Up, Who Rings the Bell, To Us All

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